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Spirit Weapon/Spirit Quotes/Female Cylinder Quotes

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Ego Female Cylinder.png
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Level 1-40

Level 1 - 40
Info Tab Idle "Is there something you need?" "How is your condition?"
Enhancement Tab Idle "I want to grow evenly if that's fine with you." "Are you giving me a special ability?"
After Enhancement "I only grew a little, but I did grow.

So I won't complain."

" "
Growth Tab Idle "Please don't forget, I'm a growing spirit." "How did you know that I was in need of an item?

I needed one just now."

After Feeding "It's a happy thing to absorb an item and gain knowledge." "I'm a bit touched that you gift me items regularly.

I wasn't expecting it, to be honest..."

On Level Up "My level went up.

This feels strange, but I want to feel it again."

" "
Chat Tab Idle "I'm always open to conversation. It's the impetus of my growth." "I wanted to talk to you just now. So... uh...

Oh nuts, what was I going to say?"

Private Story "When our contract began, it felt like a waking dream. The newness of my vessel and my surroundings were so disorientating.

When spirits become stone, all of their previous memories disappear. I shall have to make a fresh start with you."

Nearby Rumors "Gossip and rumors hold no interest for me. So much baseless, meaningless information...

It's exhausting to keep up with, and serves no purpose."

Skills "You seem to know most techniques already, don't you? I don't think there is anything interesting that I can teach you."
Part-Time Jobs "Are you thinking of getting a Part-Time Job?

That's a wonderful idea. I was starting to think you might be allergic to work.
That wasn't a joke."

Classes and Training "Schools in Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton are always open, so you can go there anytime you want training. They're a valuable service, so make use of them."
Rest "Are you getting enough rest? I don't want to see you tired and stressed out. Especially if it's your own fault."
Ranged Attack "Wait, so it's a weapon called "Range" that's long...

No, that can't be right. Forget I said that."

Playing Instrument "You're quite knowledgable, (Character Name). I need to study if I'm going to have good conversations with you.

On that note, I'm hungry. Do you have anything I can absorb?"

Composing "Composing? Composing what? I need more items to absorb to make sense of this."
Tailoring "There really is no end to the skills a person can learn, huh? So, what's this one all about?"
Magnum Shot "I really have no idea about this. What do you use it for?"
Counterattack "That's a skill for turning the tables on your opponents. I imagine it's good for those who have little strength of their own."
Smash Skill "That doesn't sound pleasant at all..."
Gathering "Gathering is an excellent pursuit. You should gather more things for me to absorb, in fact. I know what the word "gathering" means. If you had something more specific in mind, you'll have to explain."
Fishing Skill "Wait, when you say "fishing", you're talking about relationships? I don't follow. Please explain.
Lute "I know it's an instrument, but... How are you supposed to play it?"
Teardrop of the Spirit "The Teardrop of the Spirit is the crystallized form of a spirit's blessings."
Failed Keyword
"I'm not really sure what that is. I need more items to absorb to make sense of this."
"I'm a little busy now, so leave me be."
"I don't really know what that is. It looks like I'm lacking knowledge."

Level 40-80

Level 40-80
Info Tab Idle "What bad skin...

Oh, sorry. I'm talking about me."

"Let me know if there's something you need."
Enhancement Tab Idle "I have a strong dislike for waste.

Give me a suitable ability."

"I want a more elaborate ability."
After Enhancement "Let's see... after checking, my ability grew significantly." "My ability grew significantly.

If it can grow like this, there will be no issues."

Growth Tab Idle "I don't think it's late.

It would have been difficult if it was a little later than now."

"My goal is to support you fully.

But I need to grow more to do that."

After Feeding "I'll be able to grow a little with the item you just gave.

Thank you."

"Thank you for taking care of me.

I'll grow quickly if it's always like this."

On Level Up "I feel great that my level went up.
But yes, I feel great."
"I think it's good to keep leveling up."
Chat Tab Idle "I'm always open to conversation. It's the impetus of my growth." "What seems to be the matter? Conversation is always good."
Private Story "We take our appearance partly from your imagination. Is this what you expected me to look like, (Character Name)?"
Nearby Rumors "I've heard of something called an Alchemy Crystal Bag that you might be interested in. It's for alchemists who work with many crystals at once.

You can get them from alchemists in Taillteann and Tara, so look into them if you're having trouble keeping your crystals organized."

Skills "I think we are finally ready. Of course, if you want the full effect, I still have more growing to do. I hope you don't mind helping me a little more."
Part-Time Jobs "Many people take Part-Time Jobs to get the unique rewards they offer.

Noteworthy ones include Holy Water of Lymilark from the Church and the Seeds from the Tir Chonaill Grocery Store."

Classes and Training "You can learn quite a bit at school, but it's not mandatory for you to go.
It comes down to whether you consider basics and methods more important than real-world experience. It's a tough call, I admit."
Rest "There are various ways to rest.

The most common are sleeping, meditating, exercising, eating, and getting a massage.
Which one are you most interested in, (Character Name)?"

Ranged Attack "Melee attacks are performed at close range using Blunt Weapons, Swords, Wooden Blades, Fishing Poles, or other such weapons.

Long-range attacks are performed from a distance, like with Bows."

Playing Instrument "Anyone with an instrument can use the Playing Instrument skill. At first, you just learn harmony and practice, but over time, you can learn to play even the hardest songs. I'd love to hear you play, (Character Name). Especially a song with special effects..."
Composing "The difference between playing an Instrument and Composing is like night and day.

Anyone can play an Instrument, given enough practice, but Composing requires a great deal of time, study, and focus.
I have nothing but the utmost respect for artists that create and play their own music."

Tailoring "Tailoring is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires immense dedication. You need a Tailoring Kit, a Sewing Pattern, Fabric, Leather, and whatever else the pattern requires.

Are you willing to make that kind of commitment to making clothes? This is another element of culture I simply do not follow. Why do people go to such lengths to clothe themselves? Why is appearance held as so important? Any being would be perfectly fine in one set of simple garments.
I see no need in churning out more and more opulent coverings. It's a waste of time, money, and effort."

Magnum Shot "Archers seem to love Magnum Shot for the massive damage it does."
Counterattack "The Counter skill has been honed over the years, and is 100% effective if done correctly.

I wouldn't suggest relying on it, though. Taking a passive role in battles[sic] the first step to defeat."

Smash Skill "Because Smash is a skill that aims to crush in a single blow, you can deal a great damage to the target enemy."
Gathering "If you think about it, Gathering is one way people really express themselves. Those who care about fashion and self-expression gather Wool and Cobwebs for Tailoring. If they want strong weapons and armors, they'll mine ore and focus on Metallurgy.

And you, (Character Name), gather items for me to absorb. Right?"

Fishing Skill "Some of the major fishing spots that people frequent have very rare fish.

You could sell those for a high price, and buy something useful."

Lute "This is the most basic instrument for performing.

It looks like a Mandolin, but I assure you, it's quite different. Look here, the size, shape, and number of strings are all different..."

Teardrop of the Spirit "The Teardrop of the Spirit is the crystallized form of a spirit's blessings."
Failed Keyword
"I'm not really sure what that is. I need more items to absorb to make sense of this."
"I'm a little busy now, so leave me be."
"I don't really know what that is. It looks like I'm lacking knowledge."

Level 80-100

Level 80-100
Info Tab Idle "(Character Name), what is the schedule for today?" "(Character Name), what do you want?"
Enhancement Tab Idle "(Character Name), you always have so much interest in my ability." "(Character Name), I trust you because you are always efficient."
After Enhancement "When my ability and level of knowledge grow, I always feel great.
You might think it's strange, but this is my happy face."
"Finally, I get to use my ability properly.
And I get to see you again, (Character Name) (sic)"
Growth Tab Idle "Knowing and taking care of me when I need it most is proof that you are very concerned about me.
Thank you, (Character Name)."
"Being able to learn new things is always a happy thing.
I think today will be an extremely happy day."
After Feeding "(Character Name), you look shocked.
Maybe it's because my knowledge increased?"
"I get to see you again, (Character Name).
You were very helpful in my growth...
Ah, I'm sorry. I'm being a little strange."
On Level Up "Wait... I went up another level.
My goal is near."
"My level is quite high.
(Character Name), I will be able to help you in due course."
Chat Tab Idle "(Character Name), how are you feeling today?" "(Character Name), I wanted to talk to you just now."
Private Story "As far as I know, the Alchemy skill can summon a minion called a Golem.

If you come to summon the strongest Golem, you'll apparently be able to plow through battles easily. Moreover, there's the Frozen Blast, which you can use to freeze and seal the opponent. If you utilize this skill well, you may be able to defeat your enemies without taking any damage.
(Character Name), which skill do you mainly attack with?"

Nearby Rumors "Berched, the Druid in Taillteann, has been making trouble at the Taillteann Bank.

It's driving the young banker there crazy. Poor Devi."

Skills "You should focus on mastering the skills you have. That will make you stronger than cluttering your mind with more ideas."
Part-Time Jobs "You enjoy farming, don't you, (Character Name)? If so, I recommend doing the Restaurant Part-Time Job in Tir Chonaill. Your reward will be a Seed that you can plant at your Homestead.. The types of Seeds you get are completely random, but it's the best Part-Time Job for collecting them."
Classes and Training "Studying is certainly important, but it is hard to beat real-world experience.

There's a saying that actions speak louder than words. I completely agree with that statement. Think about it. No matter how many times you study how to Smash, you won't really know if you can do it until you try it in battle."

Rest "Without food or rest, you really just shut down.

Take care of yourself, (Character Name), and make sure you're always in good health."

Ranged Attack "The advantage of long-range attacks is engaging enemies from a safe distance. They are ideal for battles in open areas.

While in tight, narrow spaces though, it's a different story. That's why you should always have a plan for when enemies draw near."

Playing Instrument "Have you ever heard an Enthralling Performance? When done correctly, it entrances all nearby Fomors and animals.

Even terrible beasts will follow you like loyal pets."

Composing "You need a high level of Musical Knowledge to compose better Scores.

It's not necessary for simple music, but anything grand requires some work.
Only a select few have what it takes to make great songs, (Character Name). I wonder, could you be one of them? I would be so very impressed..."

Tailoring "People actually say that clothing has some deep connection with the wearer. I think the expression was...fine clothes make the man?

It's preposterous. No amount of clothing can cover a bad soul. And clothes themselves have so little substance!"

Magnum Shot "Magnum Shot pulls your bowstring to its absolute limit, and launches the arrow with immense force.

Many hunters try to take down their prey with a single Magnum Shot."

Counterattack "Humans aren't the only race that use Counter. Beware of Fomors that can use Counter on you. Some even know the Windmill skill.

Don't rush into battle recklessly. Make a plan, and act on it. Be decisive."

Smash Skill "Successful Smashes have a chance to stun an enemy, but what if they are unsuccessful?

Too many adventurers focus on offense, and throw caution to the wind. You should have a backup plan with every action, such as following a failed Smash with Defense or Counter. The safest course of action is to familiarize yourself with the patterns of your foe.
Watch them in battle, practice defending against them, and once you have a grip on the openings, strike. And if you think I'm too concerned about your well-being in battle, consider what happens to me if you perish."

Gathering "Even in something as simple as Gathering, there are ways to specialize. All gatherers must choose from Herbalism, Metallurgy, and Fishing. No matter what you choose, though, you should train your Production Mastery.

That way, your work in Gathering and producing items from your work will be more efficient, and reward you better.
Don't bother doing something if you won't do it well."

Fishing Skill "Do people really eat so much fish? I hope it's not just a hobby for some people...

That's such a waste..."

Lute "Lutes are nice, but a true performer should learn to branch out. Mandolins, Ukuleles, Drums, and Flutes all have their own merits.

I wonder which one would boost my knowledge the most..."

Teardrop of the Spirit "The Teardrop of the Spirit is the crystallized form of a spirit's blessings."
Failed Keyword
"I'm not really sure what that is. I need more items to absorb to make sense of this."
"I'm a little busy now, so leave me be."
"I don't really know what that is. It looks like I'm lacking knowledge."