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Talk:Part-time Jobs

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Stewart's Report Time Change

Ever since Season 4, I have only been able to turn in Stewart's library part time job at/after 1 PM, even though it used to be at 11 AM. Can anyone confirm this? --Js16 --:-- 3 August 2008 (PDT)

Seems that some jobs for Stewart can be turned in at 11 AM while others at 1 PM. I don't know the specific jobs at the moment, but Stewart has so many different jobs I don't think its worth putting up. Next chance I get I'll note the job and post it. --Js16 22:54, 3 August 2008 (PDT)

Do job levels share?

Can anyone help me confirm this?

I have a belief that beginner/intermediate/advanced jobs do not share with each other, meaning that if everyone takes all the beginner level part time jobs, that intermediate and advanced spots will still be open. I saw several times throughout the day where I see people with job titles (like Weaponshop Part Timer) then when I open the part time job window, it says "9 Jobs (9 Left)". (I have intermediate for everything at dunbarton)

In any case, I'm under the assumption that if you're the only person doing intermediate/advanced jobs that spots will always be open for you (for now anyway). If anyone can confirm this that would be great (it would be a nice addition to the bullets on the top of the page) --Bakedbeans 00:58, 25 March 2008 (EST)

It wouldn't make sense to share them, particularly when an intermediate job (C-rank tailoring) at Simon's shop only has 3 slots. You don't waste that on a noob. There are different job levels to make sure that everyone gets rewards and tasks proportionate to their dedication and skills...and so you get a fair chance of getting a job. It's a good reason to focus on certain types of shops. --Kaye 06:17, 25 March 2008 (PDT)
Actually, I just got a beginner-level job at Simon's, so apparently once all the slots for a certain level are taken, you have to take a slot for the next-lowest level. So you can always have a job, at least until the beginner tasks run out. --Kaye 06:27, 25 March 2008 (PDT)
I can confirm that since I have gotten intermediate and beginners jobs at Malcom's as well.--Thrudd 01:01, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Random NPC section?

I think there needs to be a "random NPC" section which lists jobs for NPCs not found in the main towns, such as Tracy. He's smack dab in the middle of Dugald Aisle, which is an entire map between the two cities... --Kaye 08:31, 26 March 2008 (PDT)

I think a section for Dugald Aisle with only Tracy would be appropriate rather than leaving him in Dunbarton ... There aren't enough 'random NPCs' to make a section like that (in fact I can only think of Tracy atm) --Angevon

There's also that guy digging out the Dragon Statue in Gairech, but I think he only offers quest scrolls so he wouldn't be listed here either come to think of it..--Kaye 06:14, 9 April 2008 (PDT)

Job Ranks

The requirements for Advanced are wrong. I had to complete 103 jobs at 98% for the church before I could start taking advanced jobs. I pretty sure this means that you have to finish 101 jobs successfully in order to advance. Another way to put it would be 1 more jobs than the Diligent title requires. Can anyone else confirm?--Jacobpaige 04:06, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

You are correct in your observations. I have had three jobs now go past the threshold and the count seems to be 1 greater than the key number (50 / 100 / ?? ) before getting assigned the next level of difficulty --Thrudd 15:21, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

On topic, so I figured I'd just tack my question under this section. Anybody narrowed down the requirements for the different job levels? I reached 52 complete with 80+% (don't remember exactly how much, but it was definitely above 80%) and Intermediate jobs wouldn't open up for me until 58 complete jobs and 88%. I'll have to watch the next time I reach 50 complete in another job type, to see if there's any pattern. --Chal 06:24, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

Malcom - Advanced Listing

Light Leather Mail(F) x 2 - 17:00, 400xp 1500gp / 453xp 1460gp / cooking Table / Fishing Rod Bait Tin 140

Mongo's Hat x 2 - 17:00,

Lirina's Long Skirt x 2 - 17:00, 400xp 1200gp / 375xp 1220gp

Deliver Clothes to Bebhinn, Talk to Bebhinn again, Deliver Flower Pot to Malcolm - 9:00, 500xp 350gp / Robe 250gp --Thrudd 01:01, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Request for a little extra useful data on production skill jobs

Here is hoping that someone add one extra useful tidbit to the production jobs. It would be really nice if we could know at a glance what the difficulty level was.

My suggestion is to add the difficulty rank to the end of the item name

 Item (gender) [Rank]

This way someone could determine at a glance if its worth it for them to even bother to attempt the job and not waste their time and drop their completion percentage.

--Thrudd 15:28, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

How NPC's forget you

On the top, it says that the counter will go down if you fail to do the specific job at least once every three days, yet I have not done several types of jobs for weeks with no penalty (Healer is still at 10, for example). Additionally, during this time there hasn't been a 3-day period where I haven't completed a single part-time job. This also applies to logging in.

Can anyone confirm what the actual cause of NPC's forgetting work is? --Doomsday 06:17, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

In my experience, not doing -any- job in 3 days makes the counter go down. If you don't do the specific job, but keep doing other jobs, the counter will stay where it is. I did Ferghus's job 4 times, then went and did jobs at Dunbarton for a week, and his job counter never went down. When I quit the game for a while, all the jobs went down. Pretty stupid system. It may have changed since I last played, though. ---Angevon
No, it's type-based. If you don't do the type of job (for example, the church arbeit) for 3 days the church one will go down, while other jobs' count are not affected. However doing the same type of job will keep the counter from falling, for example stop doing Endylon's and start doing Kristell's will not make the counter go down. --Kakurady 01:23, 8 December 2008 (UTC)
What server are you on? I haven't done the healer's part-time job in a month, and it hasn't budged. Server is Mari. --Doomsday 04:49, 8 December 2008 (UTC)
I'm also on Mari server and I can attest to this (albeit I'm quite late to the discussion), as I have not done church or healer's part time jobs in a while and noticed they have not dropped since I've been doing either grocery or lighthouse instead. Seems like it could be based on part time job level, as I've done bank part time job a few times (never passed basic) and now shows "1 times done" (my grocery, healer, church, and lighthouse part time jobs are all advanced level). --Nori13 15:41, 9 March 2014 (UTC)

Filling in the rest of jobs

Many jobs here dont have their intermediate or advanced job settings set yet. If you have achieved that rank of difficulty please add in what is unfilled in. For example Walter has Advanced jobs that give finest leather to make finest leather straps at Adanced level. But that is not placed in game yet. Please add the info for this if you can obtain it. --Shmitty 07:47, 13 February 2009 (UTC)

Changing Channels doesn't change the part time work

I tried it with krystell at Intermediate and she keeps asking me for 20 eggs, and i switched to 3 channels and its the same. This might be old info that didn't get removed--dra6o0n

From my experience it seems as if the amount of jobs already taken has something to do with it, so that not everyone gets the same job, so if you are the first person to come get the job (10 spots remaining ect.) and switch to a different channel and no one has taken the job there, it will have the same job. I could be wrong so if anyone wants to try testing it? Albeir

Changing channels only has a chance of changing a part-time job. Whenever I try changing channels, at most there are usually only two different jobs between all 7 channels for an NPC. Even Walter, who has a large range of different basic (beginner) jobs, will usually only supplies 2 of those basic jobs to choose from, if you change channels on the same day. So, only changing 3 channels to find a different job will not neccessarily find you one (you may need to check all seven). On at least one occasion, Walter actually only offered the one job on all 7 channels but this seems rare for him. Also, if you go back to a channel you have already checked for a job then it appears you will be offered the same job you found there earlier (have only checked this a few times so this may need more testing). NPCs like Manus who offer only one part-time job obviously will not be able to offer different jobs on different channels. Other NPCs who have a very limited selection of part-time jobs may also only offer one job on all 7 channels. --ZRoc (Talk) 23:33, 5 September 2009 (UTC)


Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Merchant Quest510:50, 18 April 2012
Question about getting the diligent title113:19, 27 May 2011
Materials run out110:05, 17 May 2011

Merchant Quest

I was wondering if anyone has any idea if the quest "Master of Part Time Jobs" can only be received once? I had already received it randomly after going a bit further above 101 completed Part Time Jobs, and I've been completing more to see if it may come again. If anyone has any idea it would be great to know.

♥šεεçrετ♥00:47, 18 April 2012

I have a theory, although it's not confirmed, obviously.
A: You have to reach advanced status of a different PTJ-type to receive another quest.
B: You have to switch destinies than turn back.

Pyro - (Talk)09:21, 18 April 2012

I'll keep going on this church ptj while I wait for someone to figure it out >< just in case, and I'll inform you if I get another quest.

♥šεεçrετ♥10:04, 18 April 2012

You could do the healer's PTJ in Qilla. That also rewards Holy Water and only requires wool 100% of the time.

Pyro - (Talk)10:05, 18 April 2012

Alright thanks for the tip, I might try that now since I'm getting tired of this one xD

♥šεεçrετ♥10:29, 18 April 2012

Scratch that, your theory is wrong, I just got another ^^ from finishing the last one I was going to do. I guess it just appears a while after you finish one ptj.

♥šεεçrετ♥10:50, 18 April 2012

Question about getting the diligent title

Is it 100%success, 100 in a row, or 100 total successes

Probably 100 total successes. Requires testing. Perhaps you should test it? Do one successfully, fail the next one, and do the next 99 successfully. If you do get it, it's 100 total, if you don't, try once more. If the 101th success gives it, it's 100 total. It's probably not likely that it requires 100% success.

Sephy13:19, 27 May 2011

Materials run out

When doing Malcolm's part time job, making 2 Mongo's Traveler's Suits (F), I accidentally put the whole stack of finishing threads to make the first one (he only gives you 2 threads), and thus was unable to complete the second one. Is there a way to get more materials? I tried going to Nora to buy more thread but I wasn't allowed to use it.

Lorgaenia12:21, 5 May 2011

I doubt there's a way to get more materials, since you can use the materials supplied after you finish the part-time job for skill training. For example, Walter's basic job for cutting cheap leather straps gives 30, and you can keep them after the job is finished for Weaving training.

ジェリ10:05, 17 May 2011