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Talk:Spirit of Order

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We should put the details.

Even though this skill is just about earning points from leveling up, I think some people want to see the fully detailed informations about Spirit of Order for those who might wish to stop at certain ranks.


The article says that you earn ten points every level, but the chart says that you need 10 levels for the first level, so does that mean that you need 100 points for the first level, 110 for the second, 120 for the third, and so on and so forth or are the two terms being used interchangeably for some reason? And if not, then why even bother to mention the points? If levels are all that matter then the points are meaningless trivia.--Jacobpaige 19:13, 23 October 2008 (UTC)

You Earn 10 points per level to spend on the spirit and the abilities dependant on spirit, but these points are subject to a multiplier that lowers the acutually tally of the points, so that the skill cannot be trained prior to completion. IE if each level was 10 points all the time, any of the skills could be trained after 10 levels (100 prof) due to the system that the skills run on in Mabinogi. Cocyx
However, to avoid confusion (and yes, I have met people who didn't know this), when the points are taken out of Spirit of Order and put into another Paladin skill, such as Paladin Heavy Stander, they are no longer subject to the modifier your rank of Spirit of Order would cause, and instead, are subject to that skills own modifier. To put it simply, The points are always their own points, but each point is worth a certain amount at each rank of each skill, rather than only worth as much as they are to Spirit of Order's current rank. --FFVIISephy 11:44, 17 October 2009 (UTC)
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