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Tara Festival Event (2010)

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June 9th, 2010 - June 22nd, 2010


The capital city of Tara welcomes you with a festival to rival the ages! Midway game vendors have lined the area just north of the Tara town square. For two weeks, between June 9th and June 22nd, you will be able to participate in the Tara Festival.

You'll need a group of at least four players to participate in the games lining the street. Challenge your friends to a game of strength by playing the hammer game. Swing a mallet as hard as you can to send a star up a measuring stick. The person who scores the highest wins and gets a prize!

Interspersed between the hammer games are dart boards. Toss darts, and try to get as close to the score indicated on the screen as possible without going over. Don't forget to take wind direction into consideration! If you understand the basics of darts (inner rings gives a x3 multiplier while the outer ring gives a x2 multiplier), you're already well on your way to besting your friends and winning a prize.

So take a few minutes to stroll through the newly updated Tara and enjoy yourself. Participate in the Tara Festival and welcome the Goddess of Light! [1]

Mini-game Tips

For the Dart Mini-game look at the bottom of the mini-game for the direction of the arrow, then place the arrow pointer a tiny bit in the the opposite direction the wind is blowing. (ex.If the arrow is pointing North-East, place the arrow pointer [ex. at the bull's-eye] a tiny bit to the South-West side)

For the Hammer Mini-game whenever one clicks it will go up about 50~70% then stops. With that in mind try to click when the bar is in the lower half for a better score. Other than that, it really depends on the lag that's affecting your game client due to the massive amount of people there. If you are experiencing more lag, try to click when the bar is lower. Do the opposite when you have less lag.

Darts Mini-game

Hammer Mini-game