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Template:DataColossal Valiance Gauntlets (F)

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Colossal Valiance Gauntlets (F) |Set=Colossal Valiance |Desc=These gauntlets are worn with great pride by those Giants who have proven themselves worthy of the honor. Crafted from ancient designs passed down through many generations of Giants, this armor demonstrates superb resistance against Magic attack. Completing the set of Colossal Valiance items grants you special abilities. |Category=/equip/hand/gauntlet/steel/smith_repairable/gigantic_noblesse_armor/magic_armor/heulwen_weapon_armor/giant_only/


|BuyPrice=60000 |CanSellToNPC=True |CanSellToPlayer=True |CanTrade=True |CanStorePet=True |CanPickupOther=True |CanBank=True |CanWithdrawOther=True |HumanMale=n |HumanFemale=n |ElfMale=n |ElfFemale=n |GiantMale=n |GiantFemale=y |Width=2 |Height=2 |Color1=1 |Color2=5 |Color3=0 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True

|Defense=1 |Protection=1 |magic_defense=1 |magic_protect=1 |Durability=10000

|ObtainList=*Hillwen Engineering

|SellList= |Information=**+1~3 Absorption Enhancement

|Method=Hillwen Engineering |SkillRank=7 |ProductionExp=8000 |Materials=Any Gauntlets × 1
Hillwen Alloy × 10
Valiance Metal Shard × 5
Ancient Beast Hide × 3
Sub-Zero Coolant × 2 |SuccessRate_rN=0 |SuccessRate_rF=0 |SuccessRate_rE=0 |SuccessRate_rD=0 |SuccessRate_rC=0 |SuccessRate_rB=0 |SuccessRate_rA=0 |SuccessRate_r9=0 |SuccessRate_r8=0 |SuccessRate_r7=85 |SuccessRate_r6=86 |SuccessRate_r5=90 |SuccessRate_r4=92 |SuccessRate_r3=94 |SuccessRate_r2=96 |SuccessRate_r1=98 |SuccessRate_D1=98 |SuccessRate_D2=98 |SuccessRate_D3=98