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Template:DataSecret Garden Guard Cylinder

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Secret Garden Guard Cylinder |Desc=A defensive Cylinder that was hidden in the depths of the Secret Garden. An elegant and beautiful shield is attached to the top of the cylinder, allowing you to use powerful Alchemy skills while protecting yourself, especially from magic attacks. Without a cylinder, some of your Alchemy skills will be limited. |Category=/equip/lefthand/shield/magic_armor/inverse_transmutator/no_scale/steel/cylinder_repairable/wavedefence/cylinder_bag/alchemy_shield/01/

|magic_defense=2 |magic_protect=1 |splash_radius=100 |splash_angle=15 |splash_damage=0.35 |stamina_usage=0.5 |defence_bonus_default=30 |defence_bonus_melee_bonus=7 |defence_bonus_no_defence_melee_bonus=7 |defence_bonus_attacked_critical_bonus=7

|BuyPrice=100000 |SellPrice=? |Tradability=0 |Width=2 |Height=3 |Color1=5 |Color2=5 |Color3=5 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Durability=15000 |Upgrades=3 |GemUpgrades=1

|HumanMale=y |HumanFemale=y |ElfMale=y |ElfFemale=y |GiantMale=y |GiantFemale=y

|ObtainList=*Secret Garden Box |SellList= |Information= }}