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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Time-displaying Structure |Cost=932 |RewardEEXP=4,140 |RewardCEXP=12,960 |Briefing=I heard that far away at the direction of where the shadow in the sundial is heading, there's a time-displaying structure that represents morning, afternoon, evening, and night. I'm looking for someone willing to study and take a closer look at these structures. - Alexina |Objectives=

  • Talk to Alexina
  • Sketch the "morning" structure
  • Sketch the "afternoon" structure
  • Sketch the "evening" structure
  • Sketch the "night" structure
  • Report to Alexina


1 - Morning Structure
2 - Afternoon Structure
3 - Evening structure
4 - Night Structure
* - Sundial

On receiving this quest, you will be given 4 sketch papers.

Talk to Alexina. She will ask you to sketch time-displaying structures (Door of the Sun). There is a Sundial in the center of Muyu Desert. You are not required to visit/sketch the Sundial. Directly west of the Sundial is a Door of the sun--this is the first "morning" structure, directly north is the afternoon structure, east is the evening structure, and south is the night structure.

If you talk to Alexina about "Time-displaying Structure", the doors of the sun will be temporarily marked on your minimap.

The timings below show approximately when the picture on the Door of the Sun changes. The in-game time can vary for different players. Sketching when the picture has not changed will result in failure, but the last door's picture will not change so you can sketch when the picture reverts after sketching the Evening Door.

Note: The quest requires you to sketch the door during the short time when the face at the top of the statue changes direction (flips on its side). The change will occur sometime during the time-frames listed below, but you will need to watch the statue carefully to spot when the change actually happens- THEN sketch. You will only have 1 try to sketch the door before the picture changes back, since they only change for 1 in-game hour.

You must draw the doors from order:
1 Between 6:50am-7:50am
2 Between 12:50pm-1:50pm
3 Between 6:50pm-7:50pm
4 After 7pm, but the image doesn't rotate

  • The door's original image is upright. When it is in another orientation (i.e. rotated), the image has changed and should be sketched.

There are other sundials and other doors of the sun, but these ones were the most convenient.

  • There have been conflicting reports on the timing of the doors. Be sure to check the picture before sketching to avoid having to wait an entire in-game day to do it again.