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Edit the page to see or edit the template text. Make edits to the document about the template here.

[edit]Template Documentation


This is the "DungeonRewardChestTable" template.

How to Use

It should be called in the following format:

<!-- This is the beginning of the item reward table. -->
<!-- This is the beginning of the crafting materials table. -->
|<!--Chapter 7 Crafting Materials-->

|<!--Chapter 6 Crafting Materials-->

|<!--Chapter 5 Crafting Materials-->

|<!--General Crafting Materials-->

Notes about Material categorization

  • Do -not- put materials under the 'MiscellaneousList' segment if they can be categorized.
    • Potion making materials, such as herbs and dusts, as well as Handicraft materials should go under Miscellaneous.
  • A crafting material should be sorted into the oldest category it was released for first. The category list is sorted from newest to oldest type.
    • Ex: The General Crafting Materials category should always be the first sorting filter for a material to go in.
    • As a general rule, if an item belongs to a category under General crafting materials, don't put it under one of the chapter 5+ material categories.
  • Refer to the item itself to know where it is used in if you are unsure.


Parameter Usage Example
The range of gold values that can appear in a single unit of gold container. One parameter for minimum value and one for maximum. 650 ~ 900
10,000 ~ 30,000
RewardChestNumberOfGoldContainers The number of gold containers rewarded to players.
RewardChestGoldContainer The type of gold container rewarded to players. Only accepts Stack, Gold Pouch, Big Gold Pouch, Check, and each of their plural forms. Defaults to "Stacks?".
NAMEList A bulleted list of all potential rewards of that type. Order alphabetically. WeaponsList=*Club
NAMEMatList A bulleted list of all potential crafting rewards. Order alphabetically. Refer to the proper Category for each material to know where to put it under. PerseusMatList=*Kraken Leg
*Special Firewood