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Template:In-game book

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In-game book
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Insert Description

Obtain From Unknown
Price {{{price}}}
Tradability Unknown
Effects {{{effects}}}
Reward {{{reward}}}
Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

This template will add the article tagged to Category:In-game Books.


The title of the book, which it usually automatically assumes to be the title of the page.
(Optional) One of "book", "seal" (book with seal), "spell" (spell book), "hamlet", "romeo" or "strange"
The book's URL on Nexon's server. [Can be found using a program like WireShark with a "http contains GET" filter.]
The book's item description.
List of NPCs that sell the book or how to obtain it.
Cost of the book, if sold by NPC, or "n" if not sold.
If the book is tradable write y. If it is untradable write n. If it is left blank or left out, the page will be categorized into Category:NeedTradability.
If the book can be stored in Special Inventory (the Me tab), write y.
Effect of advanced read of the book, like "Int +1" or skill training. Not same as reward. (ex. "Handicraft skill" for The World of Handicraft)
Reward if this is a collection book. Not same as effects. (ex. "Handicraftsman's Bandana" for the World of Handicraft)
usedin or craftedinto
Crafting uses (just for Traveler's Guide → Paper Hat)
Alternative names of the book, e.g.: Translations in other servers, the title on the title page inside the book, title of book window when book is opened. Ideally, they should be made into redirects to facilitate searching.

Any unused parameters, except from, will be hidden, so omit any that are unknown or not applicable.


{{In-game book
|Traveler's Guide
|desc=A book that contains the most basic of things that Erinn's adventurers should know. Right-click to read it.
|from=Character Creation
|craftedinto=[[Paper Hat]] (with [[Handicraft]])
|aka=[[Travel Diary]]