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[edit]Template Documentation

Note: Still in development! This page might disappear or be changed heavily.

This template exists for formatting the enchant effects provided by semantic lookups. Rather than having a list of stat types and modifiers, there is space for several bonuses/penalties that will be formatted based on the value. This allows for flexible editing assuming new bonuses are added in future Mabinogi updates.



This template is automatically called by a semantic wiki query, so there are no manual properties to set. Some properties are automatically fed referenced by numbers so below is a guide for which one relates to which SMW property:

  • Property 1 - Page title (not used)
  • Property 2 - Enchant stat - this is the name of the stat that will be modified, such as Strength, Dexterity etc.
  • Property 3 - Enchant stat amount - set the value of the stat to be increased, such as +10 Strength, -10 Will and so on.
  • Property 4 - Enchant stat type - set whether the enchant effect is automatically checked, positive or negative.
  • Property 5 - Enchant requirement - set the name of the required skill or other thing, if applicable. (Shuriken Charge, Smash etc)
  • Property 6 - Enchant required amount - set the rank or other requirement of the previous field, if applicable. (rank Novice-Dan 3, 10, 30 etc) (Note: Adding a - after the value such as "rank B-" will change "or higher" to "or lower")
  • Property 7 - Enchant requirement comparison - set whether to display "or higher / or lower" on a requirement.

Note: Any one of the below flags can be combined with enchant requirement/amount for enchants that do this (such as Haggler)

  • Property 8 - Enchant needs title
  • Property 9 - Enchant needs status effect
  • Property 10 - Enchant needs day
  • Property 11 - Enchant needs misc
  • Property 12 - Enchant needs race