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Note: This template is used in many places. Please test changes using Template:StyleExplorationQuest/Test Template on Template:StyleExplorationQuest/Test Quests before making them here.

Blank Form

Exploration quest data templates are named Template:DataQuest(quest name) or Template:Data(quest name). Below is a blank form to cut-paste to new data templates. Unneeded parameters that will not get filled in later, like Cap or TargetMonster, may be deleted.





Generally there will also be a (Quest Name) page, in this form:



The name of the Quest, as presented in the quest details in-game.
The cost in gold of obtaining the quest (number only: "20" not "20G", "100" not "100G")
The exploration experience reward (number only)
The character experience reward (number only)
The amount of gold rewarded (number only)
Any other rewards, in bulleted list (*) form
Time limit to buy on the quest board ("n" for none) (default "Yes")
For hunting/sketching/collecting quests, name of monster being targeted. (Used to transclude image from appropriate monster template, could be as a sortable table column or to pull location information from monster data.)
Extension of TargetMonster image, if not "png".
The briefing text taken from the quest details in-game (NOT your own custom briefing). You can read this in-game without buying the quest by hovering over the quest board item.
Bulleted list (*) of the steps required to complete the quest. Taken from the in-game quest details.
Here you MAY specify user advice. This is the only section where free-form text is applicable. This is optional, leave it blank if you have no remarks to add.

Obsolete Parameters

Older uses of this template will have these parameters, which are no longer necessary and may be deleted.

Exploration quests used to be only available from the Quest Board in a particular region (either Qilla Base Camp, Filia, or Vales). This is no longer the case. This parameter was also used to categorize exploration quests by region.
Characters used to have to complete a one-time race-specific exploration cap quest at exploration levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 before they would be allowed to advance to the next exploration level. This is no longer a feature of the game.
Exploration quests used to require a specific exploration level or above to buy them from the Quest Board. This is no longer a feature of the game.