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[[File:WeaponPreviewGallery ({{{Style}}}).png|Inventory icon of WeaponPreviewGallery ({{{Style}}})]] [[File:WeaponPreviewGallery ({{{Style}}}) Equipped.png|Equipped WeaponPreviewGallery|x150px]] [[File:WeaponPreviewGallery ({{{Style}}}) Sheathed.png|Sheathed WeaponPreviewGallery|x150px]]
? × ? Equipped Sheathed

Obtained from ?.

[edit]Template Documentation


Use this template for equipment previews on image gallery pages


Parameter Usage Important?
Width width of item in inventory Yes
Height height of item in inventory Yes
Style special color, etc.: what makes the item worthy of being in a gallery Yes
Source What the item comes from (gachapon, event name, etc.) Yes
Ext The file extension of the preview if it is not png No
IconExt The file extension of the inventory icon if it is not png No
noSheathed Use only to remove sheathed image when the item does not appear when sheathed No
Instrument Use if the item is an instrument so that a "Playing" picture is enabled No
Hilt Use if the item has a hilt No