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The Tale of the Scariest Little Ghost

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October 13th, 2016 - November 9th, 2016


Near a mysterious, run down house on the outskirts of Tir Chonaill, a sweet, kind little ghost has appeared. Bullied by his spectral brothers and unable to frighten a mouse, Alfie the Ghost wants nothing more than to be as terrifying as he can... and for his fellow spirits to become his friends too. Join Alfie, Kyle, Colton and William for this Global Premier Event in the world of Mabinogi!


  • Upon logging into Mabinogi, you'll receive the quest "A Suspicious Sighting"
  • Once you have the quest, find Nora in Tir Chonaill to start the quest chain
  • You will need to Register a character for the event, and only one character per account can be Registered
  • Help Alfie the Little Ghost through the quests, but be careful how you do it: How you interact with Alfie and his brothers will determine how the story plays out...
  • Gain Old Coins with each quest you complete for a wide variety of prizes
  • Fill the Little Ghost's Story Book by experiencing every branch of the story and get a Ghostly Robe costume as a reward!
  • You can begin the event once per day, giving you another chance at getting the best ending possible... and remember what went wrong last time. [1]

Choosing a Path

  • Find the Little Ghost will grant you Alfie's storyline.
  • Search the Haunted House will grant you Kyle's storyline.
  • Go to the pasture will grant you Colton's storyline.
  • Go to William will grant you William's storyline.


Spoiler icon.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Note: There are multiple paths for obtaining Tome Volume 1 and 2.

  • These are the dialogue options that will lead to getting the good endings and get the Tome Volume 1 of each story.
  • These are the dialogue options that will lead to getting the bad endings and get the Tome Volume 2 of each story.
    • Taking ANY option that is not part of the path for the good ending will lead to the bad ending.

Event Shop

Visit the Shady Scarecrow to reap the rewards from the Old Coins you earned while questing!

Little Ghost's Story Book Rewards

A scrapbook of all the endings of the ghost brothers' stories. Collect every ending to receive the Ghostly Robe! (Not tradable)
Note: Each Transformation Medal is only rewarded once.

Totem Rewards

Creepy Gift Box Rewards