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Portrait of Colton
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Second Oldest Brother
Location Tir Chonaill during
Tale of the Little Ghost event


(A young man stares at you with a bluish glow, suggesting that he's not among the living. His watchful eyes follow your every step. He doesn't exactly look friendly. The scars across his face indicate that his life was very eventful...)

Formerly a seventeen year old child laborer, Colton isn't a particularly earnest young man. Pessimism has taken root in him, possibly aided by his untimely demise... but beneath Colton's demure nature, he holds tight to a grudge against young Alfie...[1]


  • "I don't hate animals. They aren't senselessly cruel, like humans. I'm not really sure if they can see ghosts, though."
  • "...I have nothing to say."
  • "I could do SO much more when I was alive... But that doesn't really matter now."

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