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Why was Alchemy Effect Bonus removed?

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Alchemy Mastery
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You're new here so I'll give you some tips.

1) When requesting to change a formula which is considered good you must provide:

Numeric evidence which is not weighted down by outside variables. A proposed good formula which matches 100% of the observed data If a different equation would be used for a certain circumstance you must prove that your observations are not in error AND a valid formula.

If you cannot provide these you can argue the current formula invalid to have it removed by providing non-weighted repeatable numeric evidence that shows that the formula is indeed invalid.

2) Just because you think something is right or wrong doesn't mean it is or isn't. the ONLY good argument here is observed numbers, think of it as science.

3) Formulas are intended to be as close to the real game-programed formula as possible. This is so that they can be 100% accurate. We do not take shortcuts or reorganize formula structures in trivial ways.

Tellos21:39, 17 January 2011