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Why was Alchemy Effect Bonus removed?

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Alchemy Mastery
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I am not arguing for a change, I am arguing against a change. How many Alchemy skills now use a 3x and how many use the new values? I count 5 that use the old value (new value x 3), and 2 that use the new value. One of the skills that use the new value has an error in a range modifier. Which leaves a major change to formulas based on a single skill (possibly two).

Science would not change over complicate a formula for the sake of a single exception. But would write a formula for the exception and be done with it.

I do not have a formula for flame burst, because I have not tested flame burst (except to confirm the new formula works for it). Water cannon, on the other hand, is something I tested heavily. I know for a fact the range modified damage goes above 100%, and in the water cannon discussion I offered you a method to test it to see for yourself. (rN AM and rF WC to remove AM from damage) I know it works, because I did it for the express purpose of quantifying what was prior to my testing, an unknown quantity. Heck, even in the Water cannon discussion there is a post that says range affects balance, which it does not.

Omegatronic22:19, 17 January 2011