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Why was Alchemy Effect Bonus removed?

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Alchemy Mastery
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The damage range modifier is not incorrect. You have not proven it is in any way. I have not observed an increase over max when using the skill at point blank. Note that if you were using it against skeletons or shadow monsters, these are fire aligned and as a result, water cannon does more damage to them than normal.

This is the simplest possible way.

This also reflects the games internal calculation programing.

You are argument for the change to a 3x base is invalid on the following grounds:

It is not all encompassing. The current method is all encompassing.

Only specific skills use 3x, other skills are shown to take a deduction if the alchemy master is not rank 1. (water cannon, flame burst).

Wind Alchemy does not receive a damage bonus. It receives an effect bonus equal to 1.5x the alchemy mastery value.

.15 allows all things to be defined in the simplest possible mathematical terms. Using .45 would force us to complicate equations to reduce it to .15 where it is not .45

This is the method the game programing uses.

Your argument for water cannon's damage is not supported in any way, and the math used to make it is faulty.

The pages will not be changed.

Tellos22:26, 17 January 2011