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Why was Alchemy Effect Bonus removed?

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Alchemy Mastery
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I can't prove that all offensive alchemy skills are 3x.

I can't prove wind blast or sand burst damage are modified by AM at all. (nor are they listed as having damage modified by AM)

heat buster is listed with a 3x. Life drain is listed with a 3x. shock is listed with a 3x. Barrier spike is listed with a 3x. Golem is listed with a 3x.

This leaves Water cannon and flame burst.

For water cannon, the range modifier is not as I have seen it. Without an agreement on that damage, any proof I offer can be argued invalid. Which leaves us with Flame burst. And, in this case, it seems to work. I also do not have a solution that works that preserves a 45% value. But, I'd argue that changing the value of AM bonus to fit one skill is over complicating all alchemy for the sake of one skill.

Omegatronic21:33, 17 January 2011