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Level 200 Pony

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Balloon Pony
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It might help figure out level up/age up stats. How old was your Pony when you used the potion on it? 1 year old? Go ahead and post its stats/skill in this thread.

23:18, 7 October 2017

Stats at level 200 and age 1 were

HP: 537 (637 modified total) MP: 159 Stamina: 299 Strength: 185 Intelligence: 161 Dexterity: 158 Will: 228 luck: 129 Defense: 35 Protection: 20 Magic Def.: 22 Magic Prot.: 7 Armor Pierce: 10

Stats on age-up from age 1 to age 2 were:

HP + 4 MP + 3 Stamina + 4 Strength + 2 Intelligence + 1 Dexterity + 2 Will + 3 Luck + 2

Skill levels are all at rank 6 (Critical Hit, Combat Mastery, Counterattack, Smash, Defense) at level 200, except for Healing which is at rank 1, Rest which is E, Running Boost which is E and First Aid which is F. Not sure how stat increases from skills are counted in (such as defense's +13 Defense at rank 6,) but those are the numbers. Hope this helps.

01:50, 8 October 2017

So was it 2 years old when you used the potion on it? Was it lvl 1 when you used the potion on it?

02:03, 8 October 2017

it was one year old when I used the potion on it. I think it was level 38 when I used the potion, but that shouldn't matter. "I used a glittering gold supplement on a Balloon Pony at age 1." It aged up yesterday because it was Saturday. But I used the potion when it was 1.

02:06, 8 October 2017