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How Should This Be Done?

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While the info isn't all there just yet, would this page needs its own Style? Or would using something like StyleMagicCraftList work for this? But I guess it would be with something like !!Effect instead of !!Training Type.

Also, should the final item list be segmented in a manner similar to how the Handicraft List or the Potion Making List is, separating the list into categories based on item type? Like list all the Pet Snacks in their own part of the page, followed by a segment for the Fynn Sync materials, and then... well that'd leave out stuff like the Ever-Blooming Flower Wreath, the Pet Playset, and later the Kerun/Fleur related items. I guess a Miscellaneous segment could be there, just as a catch-all.

It'd be kind of a moot point with the actual info on the items so bare right this moment, but just wondering for later.

Iyasenu (talk)01:54, 31 July 2020