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G16 walkthrough completed

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Just added the full G16 Walkthrough using a JP Mabi guide as the source.
The quest names were translated almost literally from their JP names so some of them may sound awkward in English, apologies for that.
I try to make the walkthrough as spoiler-free and objective as I can. I may have made some slip-ups though...
Also my wiki-fu is still lacking so I'd leave further refining of the guide to the more experienced editors out there.
Have fun and enjoy the guide! I know I was pretty surprised when I learnt of the monster spawns for the final mission :p

Luin09:41, 1 May 2012

Thanks for the info it was very helpfull on my own g16 walkthrough :3 specially for tips like in the semifinal where npcs are annoying to keep them alive.

Aria12:09, 17 June 2012

His G16 walkthrough actually wasn't completely the current one, because the other editors wrote over it.

Pyro - (Talk)12:12, 17 June 2012

i didnt specify but i refer to the editors also not only the contribution he remarks.

Aria12:33, 17 June 2012