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About Saga reward edit

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I tested to see if you only get 30k gold and 25 ap coupons from doing it once a day instead of completing the episode for the first time. I went on my alt to play episode 1 and 2 (on the same day) and found out that you do in fact get 30k gold and 25 ap coupons instead of just 12 ap coupons as a fixed reward. Are you certain that players only receive 12 ap coupons all the time?

Luminars (talk)11:05, 21 September 2013
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Was the episode you did highlighted?

When I did an un-highlighted Episode 10 by mistake, I only got 12 AP coupons and a saga viewing coupon, no gold or exp.

Infodude575 (talk)11:07, 21 September 2013

No. The first episode (episode 1) I did was the first one I did for the day so that counted as a daily. However, the second episode (episode 2) I completed was not highlighted but it was also my first time doing the episode (so I'd get a saga reward box anyway).

Luminars (talk)11:10, 21 September 2013

If its the first time, they may have changed it... I don't know, Nexon always gives short-hand details.

Infodude575 (talk)11:14, 21 September 2013

On my main I did episode 10 (this was about my 7th time doing it) as the daily and received 25 ap coupons and 30k gold as well as a saga viewing coupon. Did you do the episode recently, like when Nexon added the patch?

Luminars (talk)11:14, 21 September 2013

Yes, right after the patch. It wasn't the bonus, and I didn't get any gold nor 13 extra ap coupons.

Infodude575 (talk)11:20, 21 September 2013

Strange. Do you think you can test it again today?

Luminars (talk)11:23, 21 September 2013

Sadly not today, because all of them are highlighted.

Infodude575 (talk)11:36, 21 September 2013

My understanding is that the daily bonus is connected to getting Saga EP# Box, not doing it for the first time a day. I can get two bonuses on one day (after daily reset) if I do an episode between midnight and 7:00 AM and another one after 7:00 AM (that's when boxes reset and dailies light up again). That would explain why you could get another bonus if the episode wasn't highlighted - you got the box anyway (that or you ended episode 2 after "reset" on 7:00 AM, but if my theory is valid, it shouldn't matter anyway).

Itachin (talk)11:57, 21 September 2013

I probably worded what I said weirdly. By highlighted I thought you meant when gold letters appeared on the episode list. Yes, the daily bonus is connected to getting the saga ep box but to my understanding you only get the ep box if you 1) first time doing the episode 2) first time doing it after the 7am pst reset time.

What I want to know is why infodude get 12 ap coupons from the saga reward box instead of 30k gold and 25 ap coupons.

Luminars (talk)12:01, 21 September 2013