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Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Kapra
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Of course not, I'm legitimately trying to reach out.

Despite the insults and hatred constantly hurled into your face I have to wonder if you still remain unaware just how many people ask me to ban you. I've even seen offsite commentary saying that you're the reason we don't have as many editors as we could. Now, I'm not telling you this to upset you but I want you to realize the reality of the situation. There is a pervasive issue here and I'm afraid saying that it's everyone else isn't going to fly.

I've spent the day reviewing your communications and I've realized the major issue here. You're not a bad editor, your arguments are fairly solid from your own frame of reference despite the unadmitted flipflopping on occasion, and you're not really breaking any rules or anything. The issue is that of communication ability, and that is specifically empathy. You regard everything on a very technical basis, a basis that most people don't care about. You have this propensity to communicate specifically but on definitions that are so thorough that they're unseen by others. This isn't a good thing, of course!! Communication is intended to convey your thoughts to the listeners, not to raise yourself above them by saying such things as "it's their fault if they don't understand." You are missing this secondary layer of implication and inference, emotions and empathy, and many other secondary cues. This is a layer that other people are using. They are able to assume a certain level of understanding between participants that you strive to define in order to be able to clearly understand a situation.

It isn't a bad way to think, I'm not trying to mock or judge you, but most people aren't capable of working with it. It's my job to facilitate an environment in which all parties can successfully discuss issues and come to real conclusions, and to also work together in a productive way. Though it's not right for Nise/Yinato et al to rag on you as much as they do, it is actually an expected response to this wall between you and other contributors. I don't want to be presumptive on why this wall exists but I have a good idea. Nonetheless, me be willing and capable, I want to help you break down this wall so that you can become a valued and respected contributor.

What do you say?

Kadalyn (talk)17:10, 27 May 2014