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Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

This article has a revision to Details dated 02:30 01/24/2024 that indicates the following in the Details section: "Polar Vortex checks for this in real-time. If one were to cast Polar Vortex with reforged gloves and then takes it off the vortex would shrink accordingly, and vice-versa."

I have personally tested this and it is incorrect. Can you please provide a source or replicate the results stated? I use Polar Vortex w/ Weaving Gloves (cannot roll Ice Spear Explosion Radius), then swap to Ice Spear Explosion Radius 20 gloves, and there is no change in radius as tested with barrier spikes in Provocation.

Please remove if unable to verify.

Necr0 (talk)21:26, 24 May 2024