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About Me

  • I'm Angevon on the Ruairi server.
  • I haven't played Mabinogi since October 2012, so please don't note or mail or add me in-game. I won't respond.
  • I am an administrator here, so if there is an issue, or if you want to suggest something, feel free to talk to me.
  • Use my Talk page for general wiki issues and questions.
  • My skype is live:fwuffles (using the name "Angevon R").
  • LINE is angevon.

Are you new to the wiki? Here are ways you can help!

  • All things in Category:Stubs need basic info.
  • Items in Category:NeedDesc are missing their in-game descriptions! Add them if you find them in-game or see them in a shop.
  • Got a picture of yourself in spiffy armor? Items in Category:NeedPicture need pictures of them equipped in-game! (please follow this guide to make your pictures ~awesome~.)
  • The items in Category:NeedRepair need their repair costs. Just go to the blacksmith and write down the repair cost for us (you don't even have to really repair there; just get us the number).
  • Similarly, the items in Category:NeedMarket are mostly missing their resale value at the NPC. Just act like you're going to sell the item to the NPC store, but cancel after recording the number. Please use items that have never been worn for the most accurate data.
  • See Category:Incomplete for other pages and categories of missing info.
  • Special:WantedPages shows all the pages and files that don't exist but we have (dead) links to.

Useful Links

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