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Custom information
Custom 1
I do the math so that you don't have to. I will attempt to update this as each item gets replaced with a more efficient equivalent.

Total permissible inventory for people who do not have VIP;

2.7m (50,000*54) Gold (based on a Large Gold Purse filled with 27 each of Lorna and Pans' Special Gold Coin Box)

420 slots of equipment only (based on one Simon's Equipment Bag, Luxury Equipment Bag, and Anniversary Luxury Equipment Bag)

1236 slots of any type (based on one Lorna's 10th Anniversary Festival Bag, one each of Lorna's Adventure/Carasek/Black/Star Bag, one each of Birnam Mini Pouch/Knapsack/Flat Pouch, 7 Detective Squirrel Doll Bags, and a Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag.)

96 inventory from Potential Level 1440

60 slots of Special inventory.


Custom 2
---Chain Blade Damage Enchants---

2.5 Dex or 4 Luck = 1 max damage

Raw Chain Blade Max; Artful/Twilit Moon

Raw Weapon Max (high repair, personalized); Clashing(RP)/Demi Lich Meteoroid(RP)/Girgashiy

---Accessory Enchants---

Creepy (Prefix): 20-15 Damage, x4 Repair. Highest damage, highest repair. Nigh impossible to get.

Awakened: 12 Damage. Highest damage for no repair increase. Hard to get.

Light = 15 Dexterity + 10 Luck = 6 + 2.5 = 8.5 Damage. Highest stat-only gain, medium attainability.

Precise: 20 Dexterity = 8 Damage. Highest Dex-only gain, best for Archers. Easy obtainment.

Surprising = 25 Luck = 6.25 Damage. Lowest gains, already obtained for Luck set.

Haunted (Suffix): 48-35 Damage, x6 Repair. Highest damage, highest repair. Nigh impossible to get.

Lilly: 15 Dexterity + 5 Luck = 6 + 1.25 = 7.25 Damage. Highest stat-only gain, medium attainability.

Successor: 6 Damage. Decent damage, already likely to be used for Combat Utility set in conjunction with Awakened; may be recycled but difficult to obtain.

Cornflower = 10 Luck = 2.5 Damage. Trash but it exists, once again owned already for Luck set.


Max Roll Lucky Rabbit's Foot (or Ancient Four-Leaf Clover Ornament for +0-1 Defense) gives 15 Luck = 3.75 Damage. 21k/pt.

Max Roll Purple Heart (or Sun Yeti's Heart for +0-1 Protection) gives 10 Dexterity = 4 Damage. 39k/pt.

---Chain Slash Conclusion---


Best non-expensive is Awakened Lilly Sun Yeti's Heart, giving (with max acc rolls) 12 Max + 15 Dexterity + 10 Dexterity + 5 Luck + 1 Prot = 23.25 Damage, (+ 1 Prot) at 39k/pt.

Best cheapest is Awakened Lilly Ancient Four-Lead Clover Ornament giving (with max acc rolls) 12 Max + 15 Dexterity + 15 Luck + 5 Luck + 1 Def = 22 Damage, (+ 1 Def) at 21k/pt.

Most convenient overall is 2x Awakened Successors as used for Combat Utility, but this requires Explosion and Attack Speed to be rolled as Reforges rather than enchants, and are hard ESs to find.

Best (but most expensive) is

A) Creepy Haunted (F/S N) Support Puppet for 50-68 Max (+ 3 Protection, 3 Defense, Puppet Support) at 875,160/pt plus

B) Creepy Haunted Portia's Pendant for 50-68 Max (+ 2 Protection, 2 Defense) at 933,750/pt.

---Combat Utility Set---

4 AS / (3/4) SR Lamellar Warrior Helmet [3150g/pt]

4 ER / 3 St Colossus Heavy Armour (Subbed 4 ER/3 St DSKA) [10621g/pt]

3 ER / 4 SR Colossus Gauntlets (Subbed (2/3) ER/4 SR DSKV) [2376g/pt]

(3/4) AS / (3/4) SR Lamellar Warrior Boots [1032g/pt]

= 7AS/7ER/10SR/3St

/Prefix Max Damage Enchants/ Stabbing 20-15 Armour (2x Repair, 3 Def)

Break 20-10 Hand/Foot (unimplemented?) (2x Repair, 25-30 Will)

Steel Needle 16-12 Gauntlet (2x Repair)

Burlesque 15-10 Hand/Foot (3x Repair)

Amnesia 13-10 All (3x Repair)

Awakened 12 Accessory (6MA) [Alt Creepy 20-15 (x4 Repair)]

/Suffix Max Damage Enchants/ Resistace 18 Head (4x Repair)

Champion 15-10 Armour (3x Repair, 35-25 Str, 3 Def)

Backbreaking 15-8 Handgear (3x Repair)

Symbolic 10 Hand/Foot (3x Repair)

Successor 6 Accessory (4 MA) [Alt Haunted 48-35 (x6 Repair)]

/Explosive Resistance Enchants/ Best conditional: Burst Warrior 3-1 Any Suffix [-6 Max, if accessory available and is otherwise Successor. Can't have Hawk/Viscount if not.]

Best non-conditional: Burst Knight 4-1 Metal Suffix [Best Option?]

Weekend 3-1 Armour Prefix

/Attack Speed Enchants/ Best conditional: Viscount 2-1 Greave Suffix (+ 8 Max) [-2 max for replacing Symbolic, if there's +1 AS anywhere.]

Best non-conditional: Hawk 3-1 Foot Suffix (+ 5 Max) [-5 max for replacing Symbolic]

Marquis 4-2 Gauntlet Prefix (+ 10 Max) [-6 max for replacing Steel Needle]

Hummingbird 3-2 Head Suffix [-18 max for replacing Resistance]


Starry Wizard Hat @ 3(/4?), w/ 2 reforge, w/ 2/3 ES for 7/8(9?).

LCRobe = 2

Holy Moon Armour (Jousting) + Weekend and Poison (Ranger/Hunter) = 10

Valencia's + Weekend + Poison (Ranger/Hunter) = 8, + LCR = 10, + 4(+1 from Quality) St.


Surprising Enigmatic(?)/Cornflower Accessories

Phoenix Blessing Bandit(?)/Target Headgear

Weekend(C) Daunting(!)/Elephant(?) OR Weekend(C) Thief Heavy Armour //Designer(!)/Magical Diligent Clothing //Ancient Monster Light Armour //Daunting(!) Designer(!) Success-Clothing

Fortunate Immense(?)/Husky(?)/Joy Gloves

Gathering(!)/Solo(!)/Magical Immense(?)/Charm Footwear

Osprey's Tail Feather Enchantable Wings

---Giant Overhaul Mats---

New Crafting Materials

Ancient Beast Hide

Essence of Raw Force

Frosted Borealis Crystal

Gem of Valor

Resilient Ebony

Sub-Zero Coolant

Valiance Metal Shard

Custom 3


12 Heated ____ Accessories

6 ____ Flame Headgear

5-7 Seething ____ Flamerider Wear

9 Spark Mimic Gloves

12 Hot Foot Cowboy Flamerider boots

44-46 Fire Boost


38 Transparent Tidal Accessories

7-10 ____ Frozen Headgear

17-22 Seething Ripple Cressida Wear

7 ____ Ripple Cressida Gloves

7 ____ Ripple Cressida Boots

76-84 Water Boost


12 & 20 Heated Tidal Accessories

3-5 & 7-10 ____ Frozen Headgear

5-7 & 17-22 Seething Ripple Cressida Wear

9 & 4 Spark Mimic Cressida Gloves

12 & 6 Hot Foot Cowboy Cressida Boots

41-45 & 56-62 Fire/Water Boost; biggest loss is -18 Water from lack of Transparent.


2x Eerie Spooky Accs (Repair costs hurt tho....)//2x Fixed Mana Witch (-8 MP Usage, so Karis can run (White Tiger>Pumpkin) or replace entirely for something like Fleet Feet. Maybe Langh boots to pair with +AS reforged accs.)

Soaked Genius Lang Circlet (MA)


Defensive: Reactive Lively Gamyu // Refined Lively Lang (8 Def, 3-1 Prot, 5-2 ER/2 Prot//3 Prot/2 Prot -5 Int) = 8 Def, 5-3 Prot, 5-2 ER//5 Prot, -5 Int

Offensive: Long-lasting Heroic (3x Repair for 18 Max, 12 Will/3x Repair for 20-15 Max, 15 Will) = 4x Repair for 38-33 Max, 27 Will (9 Max for Knuckles)

Magic Damage: Welcome Gamyu (5-3 MA, 30-15 Int)= 11-6 MA

Blended Offense/Defensive: Knocking Champion (4x Repair for 15-13 Max, 3 Def/2x Repair for 15-10 Max, 3 Def)

---End Bodywear---

Coma Homestead Rosemary Gloves

Coma Mana Witch Karis shoes

Arcane Foretold (Island for no +Repair) Stave//Scholarly Intuitive (Island for no +repair) Wand.

---Mana Usage Reduction (and Stam?)---

Reactive Gamyu = 4/5 ER

5 ER / 3 SU Colossus Helm

4 ER / 3-4 MU Broad-Brimmed Feather Hat

4 SU / 4 MU Broken Horn Trainee Gloves

3 ER / 4 SU Colossus Gauntlets

3-4(?) MU / 4 SU Magic School Shoes

3 ER Burst Warrior Buckle

Fixed + Mana Witch/Wizard allows for +2-4(% or Set Effect?) MU

Colossus Helm + Reactive Gamyu + Colossus Gauntlets + Magic School Shoes = 12 ER / 11 SU / 3(/4?) MU

Colossus Helm + Reactive Gamyu + Broken Horn Trainee Gloves + Magic School Shoes + Burst Warrior Buckle = 12 ER / 11 SU / 7(/8?) MU

Custom 4

Reforge star system (personal use)?

Inventory sort?

     Uses 'stack' function
                 Describe tags
                       Use 'Enchant Types' ?
                 Add more/custom tags
           Uses bag tags
           Rejostles bags to fit

Inventory reorganize?

     Area/Selection Label

Title revamp suggestion(s)?

     Strip (into coupon)
           NX item
           Non-story titles
           Story-only titles if implemented with Strip

Show upgrades done on an item, and show which sections affect what (Erg/Reforge/Special Upgrade/Gem Upgrade/Enchant, etc all showing in Item Attributes).

Legendary Mats; star and/or use/category.

---To Do--- Any Thursday (whenever ES Prot Pots readily available):

Burn Camellia Tree Mace, enchant to CRKS.

Burn Demi Lich Ghost Swords, enchant to Champion Knuckles

Burn then enchant Wave onto Demonic Abyss Cylinder, enchant Engineer's as well.

36.59% = Magical or Engineer's(73/77/83)>Land(69/72/79)>Icebound(63/66/73)<Synergy(46/48/56) = 31.68% Hurricane Cylinder

Burn Speedy Tailoring Kit and enchant onto Champion Knuckles.

Vigorous>Refined + rA>Fortification Colossus

Personal information
October 30th
About me
Looking to do Community Management for a GaaS title... someday.
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