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User:Dfoplayer/Monster CP Ratings

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Use this template to generate a list of CP regular monsters. Example:

{{User:Dfoplayer/Monster CP Ratings|cp=530}}
  • Warning: Huge tables will be generated.
 Monster cpMonster field locations listMonster missions listMonster difficulty
Shape of Horror (Light Blue)0Sidhe Finnachaid (Curiosity)Beginner
Form of Doubt (Light Blue)0 Intermediate
Shape of Horror (Light Blue)0Sidhe Finnachaid (Curiosity)Intermediate
Form of Strife0 Beginner
Form of Strife0 Intermediate
Form of Doubt (Light Blue)0 Beginner
Young Raccoon46
Young Gray Raccoon101
Young Country Rat160
White Spiderling189
Young Gray Armadillo200
White Spider201
Cave Rat250
Elsinore Rat250 Basic
Town Square Rat250 Basic
Young Black Armadillo250
Black Town Rat278
Brown Town Rat279
Old Mimic281
Gray Armadillo300
Young White Armadillo300
White Spider (Dungeon)301
Red Spiderling303
Giant Spiderling335
Snowfield Rat341
Country Rat341
Gray Town Rat349
Meek Bat375
Giant Golden Spiderling400
Young Big-eared Aardvark400
Black Armadillo400
White Cave Bat420