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User:Erorserv/Semantic Cheat Sheet

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Set Semantic Properties

Semantic properties can set a value for a specific page, and allows the page to be queried later.
#set is used to set semantic properties to that page.

|Monster name=Brown Fox
|Monster family=Fox

It's possible to use this in a template. Example: {{SemanticData}}

|Monster name={{{Name|}}}
|Monster family={{{Family|}}}

These semantic properties will be set on each page that uses the template.


Hashtables will assign values to a table, similar to an array, and is accessible by all templates on the page.

{{#parameterstohash:Data}} will define all the template parameters to a hash table.
{{#hashvalue:Data|Name}} is fetch a single value from that hashtable.

  • Hashtables are only necessary if the values are accessed by multiple templates.

Semantic Query

Querys are used to obtain pages that have certain semantic properties.

[[Potion type::Recovery]]
|?Potion toxicity

Will return:

 Potion toxicity
Comprehensive HP 1000 Potion0.1
Comprehensive HP 500 Potion0.2
Comprehensive Recovery 1000 Potion0.2
Comprehensive Recovery 1500 Potion0.066
Comprehensive Recovery 500 Potion0.1
... further results

Adding |?Potion toxicity will return that property for each result. This can be multiple different semantic properties to give a wide range of information. Adding |limit=5 will only display 5 of the queried results.

Search Operators

These can assist narrowing search results by adding conditions.

Numeric operators:

  • >> and << - Greater than / Less than.
  • > and < - Greater than or equal to / Less than or equal to.
    • [[Monster cp::<500]] returns all monsters with less than or equal to 500 CP.
    • [[Monster cp::>>300 || <<500]] returns all monsters between 300 and 500 CP.

Text operators:

  • ! - Not
  • ~ - Like
  • !~ - Not like
  • * - Wildcard
  • ? - Wildcard for single character
    • [[Potion name::~*Potion]] will return any name that ends with "Potion".
    • [[Potion name::~HP*]] will return any name that starts with "HP".
    • [[Potion name::~*100*]] will return any name contains "100".
    • [[Potion name::!~*100*]] will return any name that does not contain "100".
    • [[Potion name::~HP ?? Potion]] will return any 2 digit HP potion.
      • HP 10 Potion, HP 30 Potion, HP 50 Potion

Format and Templates

|format returns the results in a certain format. For a list of formats, see here
In order to use a template, |format=plainlist must be used.
|template=TemplateName - Rendered for each result.
|introtemplate=TemplateHeader - Rendered before the first result.
|outrotemplate=TemplateFooter - Rendered after the end result.

You can access the primary property (Usually the page name) by using {{{1}}}.
Additional queried properties can be accessed in order like:

?Potion type {{{2}}}
?Potion can be crafted {{{3}}}
?Potion craft mana {{{4}}}
  • {{{1}}} is always reserved for the primary property.

Template example:

[[Potion name::+]]
|?Potion effect
Template Content

{| class="mabitable"
! Name
! Effect


| {{{1}}}
| {{{2}}}




Name Effect
HP 10 Potion Restores 10 Health.
x2 EXP Potion Doubles EXP received by monsters.
Antidote Potion Removes poison status.

... further results