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IGN: GN54 (What a shock!)

Server: Ruairi

Guild: Member of Meido

Race: Human

Transformation: Infra Black

Allignment: Elf


I started playing Mabinogi back in G2S2 and immediately took a liking to the friendly community, random campfires (bring them back!), and spontaneous dungeon parties. I chose the name GN54 because it was short for the name I use on forums which is GenericName54. I finished G1 and G2 very early (G1 was done on my free services and G2 was finished before level 50) and I made my first really good friend when we were both around the level 15~20 area. I'm proficient in magic and have Dan 2 Firebolt and I have just recently started to take a liking to melee and life skills. I always help out when I can and still make campfires and random parties in towns from time to time. I'm 2 Dunbarton ideals (Stewart and Manus) and 2 Emain ideals (Muro and Gordon) and will do them for free.

Character Info

Location Everywhere
Race Human
Age 17~19 Title the Wise the Master of Firebolt
Class Melee/Mage/Life CP 900~1000
Life 190~220 (885~1430 while transformed) Mana 320~340 (580~850 while transformed)
Stamina 220~240 (540~900 while transformed) Damage 49~89 (13~28 when dual wielding) (~800 with Firebolt)
Defense 16 Protection 5
Strength 70~90 (170~365 while transformed) Intelligence 375~395 (450~635 while transformed)
Dexterity 80~85 (220~350 while transformed) Will 110~115
Luck 9 Critical 82~87% (89~110% while transformed)
Hits 2~4 when using Dragon Blade, 6~8 when dual weilding. 1 with magic. Speed Normal
Attacks Yes Element Fire
Equipment Graceful Plate Armor, Graceful Gauntlets, Graceful Grieves, Graceful Helmet, Bipennis, Kite Shield, dual Fluted Short Swords, Fire Wand, Broad Stick (Wizard), Dragon Blade
Additional Information Wears all gold equips. Helps when possible. Will start campfires randomly.