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Justinishere / Ruairi Skills updated - 7/15/10

Combat Magic Life Dark Knight
Combat Mastery.png Dan 1 Magic Mastery.png Rank 6 Production Mastery.png Rank 8 Soul of Chaos.png Rank 1
Smash.png Dan 1 Icebolt.png Dan 3 Rest.png Rank F Control of Darkness.png Rank F
Windmill.png Dan 1 Ice Spear.png Master Campfire.png Rank 9 Body of Chaos.png Rank 1
Final Hit.png Rank A Firebolt.png Rank 5 First Aid.png Rank F Hands of Chaos.png Rank 5
Human Ranged Attack.png Rank F Fireball.png Rank 7 Playing Instrument.png Rank 5 Mind of Chaos.png Rank 1
Magnum Shot.png Rank F Lightning Bolt.png Rank D Compose.png Rank 8 Dark Heavy Stander.png Rank 1
Arrow Revolver.png N/A Thunder.png Rank F Musical Knowledge.png Rank 7 Dark Natural Shield.png Rank F
Support Shot.png Rank F Healing.png Rank F Tailoring.png Rank 7 Dark Mana Deflector.png Rank F
Charge.png Rank F Party Healing.png Rank 9 Weaving.png Rank A
Defense.png Rank F Meditation.png Rank 9 Blacksmithing.png Rank F
Counterattack.png Rank F Mana Shield.png Rank D Refining.png Rank 2
Critical Hit.png Rank 1 Natural Shield.png Rank F Metallurgy.png Novice
Sharp Mind.png Rank A Ice Shield.png Rank F Potion Making.png Rank C
Fire Shield.png Rank F Herbalism.png Rank 6
Lightning Shield.png Rank F Cooking.png Rank D
Enchant.png Rank 7 Handicraft.png Rank B
Spirit Sword Awakening.png Novice Fishing.png Rank F
Taming Wild Animals.png Rank C