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  • 1. Alban Knights
    • During A Request
      • (You ask about the Alban Knights.)

        The Alban Knights are faithful followers
        of Aton Cimeni, the god of Erinn.

        The only Alban Knights you've met
        so far are Talvish, Avelin, and me.
  • 2. Prophets
    • During A Request
      • (You ask about the Prophets.)

        Pennar, Brilluen, and Marcan are the Prophets.
        They're the ones causing all the trouble!

        There MIGHT be more, but we just
        don't know enough about them.

        They're all Fomors, but they don't act
        like any Fomor I've seen before.

        These guys worship a really unholy god...
  • 3. Divine Light
    • During Graveyard Night
      • (You ask about the Divine Light.)

        Hm... How do I describe Divine Light?

        The Alban Knights were blessed with Divine Light from Aton Cimeni,
        and that Divine Light is the key to unlocking our Crusader Skills.

        The Prophets use a sort of corrupted Divine Light
        from their god, but they are VERY different.

        All I can say is that the Prophet's Divine Light
        is surrounded by evil and corruption.
  • 4. Elder
    • During Flowing Through Time
      • (You ask about the Commander.)

        Ah, uh, the Elder?

        Well, he's...



        Sorry, Pso!

        I just don't know anything about him!

        Try asking the generals about him!

        Just don't ask Avelin. I asked her about him once,
        and she was NOT happy about it!

        I doubt anyone will give you a straight answer.

        Sorry if that wasn't very helpful...
  • 5. Apostles
    • During Grave Keeper
      • (You asked about the Apostles.)
        The Apostles are nothing but pawns that
        the Prophets use to do their dirty work.

        They don't seem to have their own desire to destroy Erinn.
        They just do whatever the Prophets want them to do.

        But some of them were humans once.

        When a human sacrifices their loved ones for power...

        The light inside them gets corrupted,
        and they turn into Apostles.

        The Prophets have been trying to convert more
        and more people all over Erinn into Apostles...
  • 6. Crusader Skills
    • During Grave Keeper
      • (You asked about Crusader Skills.)

        The three types of skills are Defense, Binding, and Smiting.
        There might be other types, but I'm not sure.

        When you use a Crusader Skill, your Divine Light
        takes on the physical form of a sphere.

        Depending on the type of skill, that sphere can
        change into a shield, a spike, or a greatsword.

        The shield represents Defense, the spike is Binding, and the greatsword is tied to Smiting.
  • 7. Avalon Gate
    • During Guardians
      • (You asked about Avalon Gate.)

        Avalon Gate is the territory of the Alban
        Knights, filled with really old ruins.

        Outsiders are STRICTLY forbidden from entering. But those dang Prophets...

        Oh, and the entrance is near Scathach Beach Springs!
  • 8. Four Units
    • During Budding Beginning
      • (You asked about the four units.)

        The Alban Knights are broken up
        into four different units.

        There's the Arthuan Unit, the Eiler Unit,
        the Heruin Unit, and the Elved Unit.

        Each unit is made up of a general
        and two companion knights.

        Avelin and I are part of the Arthuan Unit.

        It's just the two of us right now,
        but we'll be getting a third soon!

        Pihne is the general of the Eiler Unit.

        She has the kindest heart of
        any of the Alban Knights!

        Caswyn is the general of the Heruin Unit.

        We've met before, but he didn't say much.

        He was... um... hard to talk to.

        Last is the Elved Unit. Their general is Talvish.

        Talvish is so strong and awesome and nice...
        He's the greatest knight who ever lived!

        I REALLY wanted to join the Elved Unit,
        but I'm just not good enough yet...
  • 9. Heretics
    • During Collapse
      • (You asked about the Heretics.)

        Oh, you mean the Heretics you saw
        in the Elder's memories, right?

        All I know is that they hate Aton Cimeni.

        They were around a long time ago.
        We don't see them these days.

        The Heretics are a joke compared to the Prophets,
        so we don't really have to worry about them.
  • 10. Corrupted Divine Light
    • During Clashing Blades
      • (You asked about the corrupted Divine Light.)

        When the light inside a person gets corrupted
        by evil, it becomes Unholy Light.

        It gets pretty crazy when Unholy Light
        and Divine Light meet each other.

        Unholy Light can make a person extremely
        vulnerable to being controlled by others.

        At that point, anyone can be turned into an Apostle. The Prophets
        deliberately infect people with Unholy Light to make Apostles.

        The Alban Knights aren't free from Unholy Light, either.

        Our Divine Light can be corrupted, too,
        so we have to be extra careful!
  • 11. Alban Knights Training Grounds
    • During Eternal Memories
      • (You asked about the Alban Knights Training Grounds.)

        Hasn't anyone ever told you about the
        Alban Knights Training Grounds?

        It's the place to go if you want to get stronger!

        It's really mysterious, too. When you're three,
        things that aren't real seem VERY real...

        Stop by sometime to sharpen
        up your body and mind!

        The Alban Knights Emblem in Dunbarton
        will take you to the training grounds.