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Please use the Discussion page to talk with me instead. Thank you!
I am using this page as a sandbox and data storage arena.

Who I Am

Launa of Tarlach server, currently affiliated with Pinnacle Guild and normally on Channel 5. I have eight pets--Laredo, a male Labrador Retriever dog; Isi, a female Siamese cat; Rho, a male Dalmatian dog; Adella, a female Shire horse; Duardo, a male Shire horse; Aevanushia, a female Unicorn; Zulaena, a female Holiday Bear; and Arber, a male Herb Pig. I can normally be found in or around Tir Chonaill, doing dungeon runs in Ciar (Beginner, Basic, etc), or sitting AFK somewhere. I am becoming known for randomly healing people around me.

Personally Transcribed / Edited Music Scores

For those of you that are curious the coding for the Nexon composer works like this: ">" raises the tone an octave, "<" lowers the tone an octave, "&" ties one note to another, "-" lowers the tone half a note (causing a flat [b] note), "+" apparently makes a slur from one note to a different note, and to make triplets, use "x32+x32.+x32" where x is the desired note. And, to compose in any key, you must transpose your music to a flat key, such as Time's Scar is in F#, but working with flats, F# becomes "G-". An eighth F# note would be written "G-8". Grace notes are best written as "x64+x64+x", which is for two eighth-note graces and the actual note afterward. You can also change the tempo and volume of your song at any point, so you're not limited to just one tempo or volume per song! ^.^ I hope this information helps the aspiring composers out there.

Please keep in mind that this coding is UNTESTED in Mabinogi (I don't have high enough Composition or Instrument Playing levels to do it myself). If someone would give me feedback, it would be appreciated. Leave a note for Launa in Tarlach server, or a comment in the Discussion Tab.

Chrono Cross -- Time's Scar Flute Solo

There is a break in the music, where there are a few measures of rests--totaling to approximately 10 seconds--then the faster part of the song picks up.

Pet AI Setting Coding

To access the Pet AI: With your chat dialog box closed, press the "T" key, click on the "AI Settings" button on the lower right of the box that comes up. The new box that appears is titled "Animal Character AI Settings," and it has four pre-programed AIs--Auto Attack Mode, Collaborative Attack Mode, Healing Mode, and Command Mode--in it. To altar these four Base AIs (as I will call them), you must select the one you wish to copy, and press the Copy button. The Copy function will create a copy of the AI, renaming it by putting (1) after the name. You can then select the copy and access the Edit function.

At this moment, any custom coding is in Alpha Testing. No code is promised to work perfectly, unless it has gone through extensive testing--and even then, some bugs may creep in--but I will do my best to keep the code sprayed and inoculated. ^.^

The four Base AIs have been taken directly from the Animal Character AI Settings and work as well as they do in the game. They are a decent starting template for User-Defined AIs and are listed below.

AI Rule Wizard Information

This information has been taken directly from the game. Some context and grammatical errors have been corrected for easier understanding, as the aim of this section is to teach players how to make their own Pet AI.

The "Rule Text" is what the AI Rule Wizard displays in the lower section labeled "Edit Rule," after you select an option.

Portions in [brackets] denote a drop-down box that allows you to select between the options listed there. Default time limits are normally good for most rules, with the usual exception to that being the use of the Counterattack skill.

A brief explanation of what each selection means to the overall rule and/or selection usefulness will be given after each hide/show box, as I gain an understanding of each.

Trigger Events

Your pet, when given enough time, will locate and target an enemy--including closed Mimic chests. If this command is used with an attack command--"Pet attacks the enemy with Melee Attack" for example--then your pet will be capable of engaging enemies as fast as it can recognize them. This selection does not work well if attempting to target enemies that will attack you or your pet first, however. (It normally results in just enough 'lag' time for the enemy to achieve the first attack, which normally spells danger for your enemy's target.)