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User:Librarian/Alby Advanced

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General Info (Adv)

  • Drop Item: Alby Advanced Fomor Pass
  • Number of Floors: 1
  • Visible Floors: 1
  • No Dead Ends
  • Tiro: Yes
  • Treasure Chest Room: No
  • Herbs found: Base Herb, Mana Herb, Sunlight Herb, Mandrake, Poison Herb
  • Fountain: Sometimes

Monsters (Adv)

  • Boss
    • 1-2 Players Only verified for 1 player since the 7-Oct-2021 update
    • 3 Players Not verified since the 7-Oct-2021 dungeon update
    • 4 Players Not verified since the 7-Oct-2021 dungeon update

The 7-Oct-2021 dungeon update reduced this dungeon from two floors to one. None of the monsters that were unique to the old floor 2 (other than the boss room) have been sighted since that update.

Spawn Patterns (Adv)

Rewards (Adv)

Regardless of the number of players in the dungeon, there will be 8 reward chests at the end of the dungeon. The amounts listed in the rewards list below relate to one chest.

Each player receives one Yarn Key when Arachne is defeated.

Larva Cocoons can be used to craft additional Yarn Keys using the Spinning Wheel located in the back of the boss room.

Larva Cocoons obtained within the dungeon may alternatively be saved and used in Alby Hardmode Dungeon.