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User:Librarian/Math Advanced

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General Info

Drop Item: Math Advanced Fomor Pass
Number of Floors: 1
Visible Floors: 1
No dead ends
Herbs found: Base, Bloody, Mana, Sunlight, Gold, Mandrake, Antidote, Poison.
Treasure Chamber: No
Tiro: Yes
Fountain: Sometimes


  • Regular Spawns
  • Boss
    • Giant Skeleton Hellhound x4 → Metal Bard Skeleton x2
    • (A cut scene plays between the two waves. Occcasionally the cut scene will play after defeating 3 of the 4 Hellhounds and the 4th vanishes without any drops, though more often all 4 have to be defeated. If you are actively seeking drops from the Hellhounds, try to take out the last two with a single Area of Effect active. UPDATE: On the new page for this dungeon, it is clarified/alleged that this occurs if you kill a Hellhound with "certain bleed effects".)

Spawn Patterns


Party Quests

Party Quest Requirements Reward Sold by
Hunt Down the Dire Sprites Defeat 10 Ice Sprites,
Defeat 10 Fire Sprites,
Defeat 10 Lightning Sprites
1,926 EXP, 2,166 Gold Aodhan