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Life Blacksmithing.png Rest.png Herbalism.png Potion Making.png Musical Knowledge.png Campfire.png First Aid.png Weaving.png Handicraft.png Tailoring.png Playing Instrument.png Compose.png Refining.png Cooking.png Fishing.png Production Mastery.png Taming Wild Animals.png Metallurgy.png Carpentry.png Enthralling Performance.png
Rank E C D 6 F F F F F 9 9 A E R 7 C 9 E G13

Combat Combat Mastery.png Human Ranged Attack.png Windmill.png Critical Hit.png Smash.png Support Shot.png Arrow Revolver.png Sharp Mind.png Magnum Shot.png Defense.png Counterattack.png Charge.png Final Hit.png Evasion.png Crash Shot.png Blunt Mastery.png Sword Mastery.png Axe Mastery.png Assault Slash.png Bow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery.png Lance Mastery.png Lance Charge.png Lance Counter.png
Rank 1 6 1 2 1 C F F 9 9 F D F G13 G13 G13 G13 G13 G13 G14 G14 G14

Magic Magic Mastery.png Lightning Bolt.png Firebolt.png Icebolt.png Healing.png Thunder.png Ice Spear.png Fireball.png Party Healing.png Meditation.png Mana Shield.png Enchant.png Fire Shield.png Ice Shield.png Lightning Shield.png Natural Shield.png Blaze.png Lightning Mastery.png Fire Mastery.png Ice Mastery.png Bolt Mastery.png Fusion Bolt.png Hail Storm.png
Rank 1 1 1 1 9 1 D 9 6 F F F F F 7 G13 G13 G13 G13 G13 G13

Alchemy Alchemy Mastery.png Fragmentation.png Synthesis.png Mana Crystallization.png Water Cannon.png Wind Blast.png Barrier Spikes.png Summon Golem.png Life Drain.png Flame Burst.png Sand Burst.png Frozen Blast.png Metal Conversion.png Rain Casting.png Shock.png Heat Buster.png Chain Cylinder.png Water Alchemy.png Wind Alchemy.png Earth Alchemy Mastery.png Fire Alchemy.png Transmutation.png
Rank B N N B F N 5 9 9 N N N N N F G13 G13 G13 G13 G13

Demigod Awakening of Light.png Fury of Light.png Spear of Light.png Shadow Spirit.png Wings of Rage.png Wings of Eclipse.png
Ranks 1 5 5 2 8 8

Paladin Spirit of Order.png Power of Order.png Sword of Order.png Eye of Order.png Paladin Heavy Stander.png Paladin Natural Shield.png Paladin Mana Deflector.png
Rank 1 1 1 F 9 9 9