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IGN: Terence
Server: Ruairi
Ch: 1 (Always merchanting = AFK)
About ME: I have been playing Mabinogi since open beta... I would have started on closed beta, BUT NEXON DIDN'T ACCEPT ME! D:<
Favourite Items: All Red & Black Equipment, SELINA SEXY BARE LOOK! <3 <3 <3 ...Red Dustin set... OwO

Terence.JPG Field Location Dunbarton
Race Human
Age 17 Title Partner of the Male Sword Spirit
Profession Merchant Combat Power ?
Life 136 Mana 62
Stamina 150 Damage 44~64
Defense 9 Protection 1
Strength 122 Intelligence 26
Dexterity 107 Will 153
Luck 48 Critical 33.5%
Hits 2~3 Speed Slow
Attacks No Element Lightning
Drops Misc Strand of hair >_>
Equipment Nothing for you! >:O
Additional Information Dislikes combat
My birdie is missing a leg! Dx

To Does

  • Add in game pictures to anything missing it
    • Editing old pictures (cropping/editing out player names)
  • Add missing wiki info
    • Create missing pages for equipment
    • New events and it's prizes
    • Sword spirit food chart
    • Gachapon list

Male Sword Strength lvl 33:

  • Empty Bottle: 70
  • Xbow: 378
  • Pirta Leather Armor: 541
  • Gladius: 396

Male Sword Strength lvl 34:

  • Potion Construction Kit: 125
  • Empty Bottle: 70
  • Mongo's Thief Cap: 132
  • Mongo's Traveler Suit (F):
  • Mongo's Traveler Suit (M):
  • Lute: 125