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Azareel Watermark.png
Look, people. Readers of the wiki care worlds more about accurate content than your e-peen. So, focus on that, or do something better with your time.



I just type with whatever ginger is closest to the key I need.



  • I don't flippantly make edits. I see more problems than I actually fix, because I know there are plenty of editors here that will just re-break things.
  • When I do make an edit, I am absolutely certain of its accuracy, unless I state otherwise.
    • For this reason, don't undo my edits simply because you think I might be wrong.
Ice Spear Crystal.png Azareel
Server Alexina
Guild Ewecania
Race Elf
Preferred Skillsets Magic and Bard
Colors Light/Powder/Pale Blue, White, Silver
Pets Far too many.
Likes Discovering new things, designing game concepts,
analyzing games, finding glitches.
Dislikes Wiki editors that make edits to stroke their e-peen, unnecessary reverts,
double-standards, people that expect others to cater to them, flashy dyes.
Completed Generations All except G16
Transformations Fury of Connous.pngAwakening of Light.png
Favorite Skills Ice Spear.pngHail Storm.pngVivace.pngEnduring Melody.png
Sunday, May 31, 2020

About Me

My real name is Alex, and my main character is Azareel. I can be found absolutely everywhere, on any channel. I'm a nice person that's well-liked by the majority of people in Alexina that know me. My character is currently a Mage/Bard, but is also heavily invested in Fighter. I'm approximately level 4300/1400. I'm not really interested in solo grinding, but I'll grind a good bit with other people, or if I have some serious incentive. One of the things I'll end up doing is discovering and investigating various glitches or other things normal players aren't aware of.

If I come across as flat or rude on here, I apologize. Constantly seeing bad editing practice, as well as the flaunting of e-peens on here has led me to be rather intolerant of the wiki's editors in general. Please note that, while I try to be polite to everyone, I will not cater to anyone's ego. It doesn't matter who someone is, or how popular/well known they are, I absolutely will not treat them specially. Everyone is an equal, in my eyes, until proven otherwise.

Current Goals

Get access to Barry's Adv PTJs, and get a Xylophone. Also, complete the enchants on my Lyre.

Cleaning up pages that have problems. Most editors I see seem to be only/mostly concerned with images, when that should hardly be a priority...

Completed Goals

Finished getting rank 1 in all skills in the Bard tab. Also finished mastering them, aside from Playing Instrument, which will probably remain not mastered for a very long time.

Contact Me

  • My in-game character name is Azareel. Feel free to add, note, or whisper me at any time.
  • My Skype name is mszshadow. Again, feel free to contact me through this at any time.