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Hiya, I'm Marthian (But my pals call me Marty or Marthy). My real name is Brian, and I live on a farm :) *lots of animals yes* I play lots of Roleplaying Games, especially Mabinogi *I love the resetting level, I don't give up like on Maplestory or some other games* Anyways I have been here for awhile, but I don't truly contribute a lot, but I'll work on helping :D


  • Just small things you don't really notice.
  • A few pictures here and there
  • Fixing typos and/or making grammar more understandable
  • Added help on ranking Refine


  • Dye Chart (Suggested and it came :D ...)
  • Gem Upgrade List on each gem page (just a thought)

Other Stuff

Main Character: Marthian (Tarlach) Total Level: ~20xx+4xx Exploration