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User:Rydian/Commerce Enchants

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The Haggler, Trustworthy, and Trader enchants improve Commerce gains with various bonuses, but what do they actually do?

(I don't have Trader, so only Haggler and Trustworthy are being tested here, which is -2% combined.)

Basic Assumptions

  • A - The merchant rating increase is what it says, if you'd get 5,000 then with +3% you'll get 5,150.
    • Correct, selling a load of 800 Diet Potions at +5 profit each with R1 Commerce Mastery gave me 4720 merchant rating.
      • (800 x 5) = +4000 (base profit)
      • 4000 * 0.15 (r1 commerce) = +600
      • 4000 * 0.03 (3% enchant) = +120

  • B - The profit increase is equal to the discount, so -2% from Haggler+Trustworthy is +2% profit.
    • Incorrect, the goods are discounted to you without their sale price being affected.
      • Profit can increase 40% or more depending on the initial price of the goods.

"Purchase Discount"

Equipping an enchanted item immediately updates the cost and expected profits in the commerce screen: This allows you to see the effects on potential profit immediately.

  • "Profit" is the sale price of your load minus the purchase price of your load, so it's effectively the difference.
    • For example, if you buy a load of 25 items worth 50K ducats and each item is +200 profit, you can sell for 55K total, which is 5K profit.

  • The "Purchase Discount" effect of the enchant reduces the purchase price of your goods without affecting their value.
    • This increases the difference between buy and sell price, which increases your profit.
      • The 50K example purchase with -2% becomes a 49K purchase, so you get 6K profit (49->55K), which +20% total profit.
        • The larger your purchase cost, the higher the profit increase.
          • Tara, Rocking Chair: 2413 -> 2388 (+24%) -> 2364 (+48%)
          • Bangor, Highlander Ore: 4834 -> 4785 (+87%) -> 4736 (+175%)
        • The discount is applied to the individual item costs, not the cost of the entire load.
          • Items with very small costs (like Heat Crystals) may not be affected much or at all due to rounding.
    • The discount effect can turn a loss into a profit since it's a reduction to cost instead of an end profit increase.
      • If you'd buy a load for 105,300 and sell for 105,075, you'd lose 225 ducats normally.
        • But if that same load only costs 103,275 with the -2%, you'd get 1,800 profit.
    • Since this increases your base profit, multipliers like Commerce Mastery and letters will give an even bigger total than before.
      • 50K->55K normally is +5,000, with R1Mastery+FineImp it's +13,250.
        • With -2%, it's +6,000, with R1Mastery+FineImp on that it's +15,900.