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Did you know that pressing Down+B after throwing Holy Water at a Fomor helps you catch it better?

Oh wait no it doesn't.

Mabinogi, like many video games, has its fair share of myths. Let's trim them down a bit.



Myth: Critical hits and Rock Throw use armor dura faster.

Reality: They use dura at the same rate as getting hit normally.

Ping & Charge Time

Myth: Ping doesn't matter that much for charge time since a ping of 80 is just +80ms.

Reality: There's multiple steps to many actions in-game, which means the effects of high ping are multiplied.



Myth: Burns are random, there's no way to see your success rate.

Reality: If you entrust a burn, the success rate shows up in the UI there.

Success Rates

Myth: Nexon runs "+10%" and "+20%" success rate events.

Reality: The actual bonuses are much lower.


Item Quality

Myth: Engineering and Magic Craft items are affected by item quality bonuses like enchants.

Reality: Neither skill actually uses the quality system.



Myth: Luck increases your chances of (some sort of drop).

Reality: Luck adds to critical hit rate and lucky gathers (and Chain Blade damage when NA gets it).


End Chests

Myth: Opening dead-end chests lessens your chance of getting good stuff in the boss chests.

Reality: It doesn't affect anything.


Myth: Tuesday's bonus means better drop rates for items in chests.

Reality: It's a bonus to dungeon monster drop rates (just like Wednesday buffs outside monster drop rates).


Repair In Rain

Myth: NPCs have higher failure rates in rain.

Reality: Same repair rate as normal.