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Did you know that pressing Down+B after throwing Holy Water at a Fomor helps you catch it better?

Oh wait no it doesn't.

Mabinogi, like many video games, has its fair share of myths. Let's trim them down a bit.



Myth: Critical hits and Rock Throw use armor dura faster.

Reality: They use dura at the same rate as getting hit normally.

When durability is lost, it's within a range for most skills.

For example 0.0001 to 0.0030 points for a melee attack, half that if blessed.

Repeated testing (and using skills with a set loss like Bash) disproved the above.

Ping & Charge Time

Myth: Ping doesn't matter that much for charge time since a ping of 80 is just +80ms.

Reality: There's multiple steps to many actions in-game, which means the effects of high ping are multiplied.

Mabinogi has to handle network data in order due to using an encrypted TCP stream.

Seconds Action
49.364 I declare the intent to charge Firebolt, locking myself into it.
49.443 Mabinogi does checks on my MP and such.
49.613 Mabinogi confirms I can, and tells me how long to charge for (962ms in this test).
50.607 I attempt to charge and ask for confirmation that I'm done.
50.687 Mabinogi confirms, gives me 5 stacks and stuff.
50.816 The skill charging ends and I can take action again.

My response time to the server is about 80ms in that test.

But the "962ms" charge took ~1450ms due to being done in multiple steps.

Each check/confirmation/request is delayed!



Myth: Burns are random, there's no way to see your success rate.

Reality: If you entrust a burn, the success rate shows up in the UI there.

Success Rates

Myth: Nexon runs "+10%" and "+20%" success rate events.

Reality: The actual bonuses are much lower.

The Enchant page has the formula, and I made a feedback thread here.


Item Quality

Myth: Engineering and Magic Craft items are affected by item quality bonuses like enchants.

Reality: Neither skill actually uses the quality system.

  • The items have stats that roll separately, whereas the quality system uses grades with paired bonuses instead.
  • The resulting items, when crafted, have no quality level.
    • The games does not even bother to reserve data space for quality info for those items.



Myth: Luck increases your chances of (some sort of drop).

Reality: Luck adds to critical hit rate, lucky gathers, and Chain Blade damage.

There's nothing anywhere to state that high luck affects monster/chest drops.

The game has been out for many years now and nobody's shown it as a provable thing either.

Skill Training


Myth: The Chef's Hat gives 2x cooking EXP.

Reality: The pet that the hat comes with gives that bonus while summoned. The hat only increases character EXP when cooking, not any skill training.

It's a common mistake since the pet comes with the hat and many players store the hat and their cooking tools on the pet, so the pet happens to be summoned and they attribute the effect to the hat, since there's no in-game message that the pet is buffing them.

Myth: The Flying Food Truck gives 2x points so you can skip Cooking books.

Reality: That pet gives 2x counts, not points. You will need something else to skip cooking books.

Each cooking rank is 100 points total, 50 from the book and 50 from cooking/eating.

You will need a total 2x point multiplier to complete a rank with just cooking/eating.

Reaching current level 200 will give 2x skill points for Cooking if you're in the cooking talent.


End Chests

Myth: Opening dead-end chests lessens your chance of getting good stuff in the boss chests.

Reality: It doesn't affect anything.

The game has been out for years and no correlation has been shown, despite various technical investigations.

The two are generated separately, nothing official has mentioned a connection.


Myth: Tuesday's bonus means better drop rates for items in chests.

Reality: It's a bonus to dungeon monster drop rates (just like Wednesday buffs outside monster drop rates).

Technical info and test results have been examined thoroughly by multiple people over the years.

There's no such bonus for chest contents, meanwhile the monsters in the dungeons drop lots more...


Repair In Rain

Myth: NPCs have higher failure rates in rain.

Reality: Same repair rate as normal.

Rarely hear this, there's nothing remotely approaching proof for it.