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User:Rydian/Wiki Cheat Sheet

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Here's how you do some basic tasks on the wiki.

Editing Pages

1. Make an account and log in.

2. At the upper-right of a page, there's an "edit" button, click it.

Sometimes information is not in the page itself, in this case you'll want to use one of the below methods.

Editing Items

Wiki cheat sheet edit button.png
  • If the item/enchant/whatever already exists, there should be a little (edit) link below the name or icon.
    • Click that to access the stats/data, edit them as needed.
  • If the item/enchant/whatever does not exist, find templates you can copy-paste to make it.
  • For making data templates, the wiki has a template tool at the below URL.
  • Some information isn't always obvious (for example item value), don't be afraid to leave things blank for somebody else to finish.

Editing Enchant Data

  • Similar concept for items, Template:DataEnchantNAME.
  • Don't forget to edit the pages/data for the monster/mission that drops the enchant(ed item), and the rank pages too.

Editing Other Data

  • If you're trying to edit other data that's not showing up when you edit a page, you can see which templates are in for that page
    • At the bottom of the page (underneath the edit box), you'll see something like this you can click to expand.
Wiki cheat sheet templates.png

Text Formatting

  • Use an asterisk (*) before a line to make it a bullet point.
    • Use two or more (**) for indented lines like this one.
  • Use two sets of single quotes for italics.
    • Use this to apply emphasis as needed, for example pointing out a difference between two similar things.
  • Use three sets of single quotes for bold.
    • Bold text sparingly, for example only for warnings.

Adding Images

  • If you're adding an image for an item, click the placeholder white circles on the item's page to automatically upload them to the right spot.
  • If you're adding an image to use in a page normally, click the "Upload file" link near the bottom of the left-hand menu.
    • You can then include the image with the following code: [[Image:image_name_here.png]].

Adding / Editing tables

  • Here's some example code for a simple table with headers.
Animal Cuteness Danger
Snow Leopard 8 5
Turtle 1 10

{| class="mabitable"
! Animal !! Cuteness !! Danger
| Snow Leopard || 8 || 5
| Turtle || 1 || 10

Including Other Pages

If you need to include another page or a notice or something, you can use the following syntax.

{{:Wiki Home/Maintenance Notice}}

Tagging & Categories

  • Many tags and categories are automated (for example tags on weapons automatically categorize them).
    • Otherwise you can tag pages into categories by putting something like this at the bottom.
[[Category:Hillwen Engineered Items]]