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User:Rydian/Wiki Cheat Sheet

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Here's how you do some basic tasks on the wiki.

Editing Pages

1. Make an account and log in.

2. At the upper-right of a page, there's an "edit" button, click it.

Sometimes information is not in the page itself, in this case you'll want to use one of the below methods.

Editing Items

Wiki cheat sheet edit button.png

  • If the item/enchant/whatever already exists, there should be a little (edit) link below the name or icon.
    • Click that to access the stats/data, edit them as needed.
  • If the item/enchant/whatever does not exist, find templates you can copy-paste to make it.

Here's some pages to use as copy-paste templates for now.

Item Type Example Page Example Data
Clothing (M) Bone Marine Armor (Menswear) Template:DataBone_Marine_Armor_(Menswear)
Clothing (F) Trinity Wear (F) Template:DataTrinity_Wear_(F)

Some information isn't always obvious (for example item value), don't be afraid to leave things blank for somebody else to finish.

Editing Enchant Data

Editing Other Data

If you're trying to edit other data that's not showing up when you edit a page, you can see which templates are in use at the bottom.

Wiki cheat sheet templates.png

Text Formatting

  • Use two sets of single quotes for italics.
    • Use this to apply emphasis as needed, for example pointing out a difference between two similar things.
  • Use three sets of single quotes for bold.
    • Bold text sparingly, for example only for warnings.

Adding Images

  • If you're adding an image for an item, click the placeholder white circles on the item's page to automatically upload them to the right spot.
    • If you're adding an image to use in a page normally, click the "Upload file" link near the bottom of the left-hand menu.
      • You can then include the image with the following code: [[Image:image_name_here.png]].

Adding / Editing tables

Including Other Pages

If you need to include another page or a notice, {{:Wiki Home/Maintenance Notice}}

Tagging & Categories