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ToDo List

make sure cp is in every mob page
do event stuff Need to add cp and pictures on to stuff

CP needed list

Young Small-eared Aardvark
Small-eared Aardvark
Golem (Small Black) (Hardmode)
Golem (Dark Green) (Hardmode)
Topaz Magic Golem
Giant Sulfur Golem
Castle Wall Golem
Giant Castle Wall Golem
Possessed Boar
Juicy Boar
Juiciest Boar
White Bush Boar
Onyx Crystal Boar
Peridot Crystal Boar
Quartz Crystal Boar
Ruby Crystal Boar
Sapphire Crystal Boar
Black Cave Bat
Giant Black Cave Bat
Black Bat
Meek Bat (Hardmode)
Blue Dire Wolf (Hardmode)
Gray Dire Wolf
Beetle Wolf (White) (Hardmode)
Blue Grizzly Bear (Hardmode)
Shadow Bear
Young White Warg
Blue Crab
Gray-legged Fennec Fox