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Nota Bene: Three fellow classmen were in a plane crash and i believed one passed away at the scene, and one later at the hospital, and the other was severly injured. So if you could keep the Langford, Ritz, and Beckerle families in your prayers that would make me happy. For the full story, go here.

Also, i volunter at stage crew at my school and cleanup from the past year is taking longer than expected, thus i am not able to get on mabi much. so i will most likley be sticking with gramatical errors due to the fact that i can not get on mabi much.


  • Please treat the page as any other wiki page
    • Please use the Talk Page before changing anything
    • I check if often so i will get back to you.
  • I am an active member on the Ruairi server.
    • feel free to add me, elvenarcher
    • i also have an xFire, feel free to add me also, slayer1o1
  • Glad to help anyone if I can
  • Try to make the world a better place to live, one small act at a time

A Little about Me :D

Two Words, The Game.

Wiki Improvements

  • Find pictures for most of the more common monsters that are not there.
  • Add monsters that were recently added in the Ira update and not added to the wiki.
  • Oraginize monster table.
  • Convert popular monsters into the new format (need help on how to convert)

Stuff related to the Wiki/Mabinogi.

  • Get Ranged Attack, Magnum, Critical, WM, and Mirage to rank 1.
  • Make the game a more enjoyable place.
  • Make the wiki a better place to look at.
  • Figure out how to go more in depth into editing the wiki.[X]
  • Find out how to add links to this page. [X]
    • in case you were wondering, its ~~~~
    • ~~~ is just your name and not a date stamp
  • Falcon. [X]
    • rank 5 (that is the cap apparently? someone confirm this please)
  • Quit my guild, Its dead..., its expired..., the guild home wont come up.... and i get an error to go to the website and go to the management option??? HELP PLEASE![X]
    • Find someone that can give me help... [X] (special thanks to Lilaznkevin A.K.A. Kevin.
  • Find where to get a LLB with the white leather thing in the middle.[X]- random selling x.x