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Tarlach US Server

Yinyang Guild (Member)
New to forums and getting feet wet in game. Decent player with major lag >:O *I manage but it really gets annoying in dungeons some times*
Always up for a friendly chat and I wear a pink coco bunny robe :3 -also a white knight currently-

Tips on forum page edits will be nice :3 I don't know most of the commands.

Current Items for sale

  • Admiral Hat (F) Pink with white rims and Green Ribbon*dyeing ribbon white or pink later*
  • Fox Giant Rose Plate Armor (Type B) Full black *Upgrading the Prof on an old character by keeping it AFK*
Will update this often if i don't forget, note me in game if interested with a reasonable price =p

-Fighting habits

Ice bolt+melee+counter *close range*
Ice bolt+counter *standard spam*
N+1 Counter Defense *if damage is low*
N+WM *Only if close to death or in group*
N+1 Defense with shield *against things that i feel bored to spam with ice bolt*

Ice bolt rank 2 _ WM Rank 5 *going for 1* _ Counter Rank C *for stamina reduction* _ Duel Wields Gladius or Gladius+Light Hetero

I thank you for reading this page ^^