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What is an Ensemble?

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In-Game Library
What is an Ensemble?[1]
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A book that explains how to play your instrument with others and the joy of playing together.
If you read this book carefully, you can raise your Composing skill from rank D to C.

Obtain From Nele's Secret Shop
Price 5000 gold
Tradability Untradable
Effects Raise your Compose skill from rank D to C
Reward {{{reward}}}
Crafted Into

Also known as

What is Ensemble?
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

-What is Ensemble? -

Ensemble In Erinn

By Helen

Hello everyone, this is Helen~

How are you doing everyone. How's your practice going? I hope you don't stress too much about improving your instrument playing skill. Playing instrument is another way of expressing your emotion! You can make a song about tired and stressful life. However, you should be happy when you're playing instrument because your listeners would feel the same. Don't stress yourself too much in any situation! My bag is too small for music scores! I cannot keep my music scores at Bank! 'So what? HaHaHa!' Laugh away your complaints, and enjoy your life in Erinn~ And music ensemble will add so much more joy in your life!

Let's talk about ensemble~ As most of you would know, ensemble is playing instrument together with other people.! You can play with your own rhythms with everyone else or you can follow somebody else's rhythms or you can create masterpieces with precise conduction~ and you can improvise under same code~ The joy of many Bards making harmony in unity! You can enjoy ensemble in so many ways.

It would be wonderful to play same tune with same kind of instrument, but how about playing with different instruments, separate music scores? Don't you want to play harmonious sound with different instruments playing different sounds?

When you divide part according to instruments, you need to compose differently according to each instrument's characteristic. Since whistles can only make high-pitched sounds, it cannot be the main instrument~ Instead it can add beautiful harmony to any sound. Although flutes can make beautiful harmony as well, I recommend flutes as your main instruments for melody~. Lutes will sound great when they play low keys! Wouldn't it be great if mandolins carry on rhythm section with their clear high-pitched sounds? Get together with your friends and try to work out a harmony with different instruments! I think you'll find another reason to love the life in Erinn~

Then ta ta~