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Wishbone Exchange Event

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November 10th, 2016 - December 6th, 2016


Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in America, and Mabinogi is getting into the spirit with a brand new, Nexon America exclusive Wishbone Exchange Event! Collect Wishbones through events and sales throughout the month of November and take them to the brand new Wishbone Messenger to purchase special outfits, training seals, unique gachapons and even a Permanent Tail Box![1]


Wishbone Hot Weekends

Wishbone Shop

Whether you get the Wishbones from the Bug Catching Event, the Hot Weekends or from the Tail Gachapon or Packages, take them to NPC Wishbone Messenger in Dunbarton and exchange them for a variety of prizes!




Wishbone Bug Catching Event


  • Find Caravan Joe the Insect Collector in Dunbarton to register a main character for the event.
  • Caravan Joe will give you Wood Chips that can be used to catch bugs from logs across Erinn, up to 15 per day.
    • Wood Chips are granted every 20 minutes (timer resets if player changes channels). (5 hours required to receive all 15)
  • Caravan Joe will also hand out 7 daily quests, challenging you to return specific bugs to him.
  • Every completed quest will give you a variety of rewards, including 5 Wishbones.
  • Each bug you find will be logged in your Insect Book; fill it up to claim the Insect Collector Gesture Card, giving you a brand new gesture!
  • Rare bugs can only be found on specific days. However, bugs received from Caravan Joe will count toward the completion of the associated daily quest.
    • Player may trade 5 common bugs (of the same type) to Caravan Joe in exchange for 1 rare bug.
    • Player may trade 1 rare bug to Caravan Joe in exchange for 1 common bug.


Autumn Visitors
How to Get Quest

Log in during event period.

Briefing I can't believe it's already that time of the year again! Come greet our little autumn guests!
-Caravan Joe, the Insect Collector
  • Talk to Caravan Joe to select a main character
  • 10,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Only the registered character can receive rewards.

Daily quests granted again the day after completion (7a.m. PST).

Big Eyes, Little Dragons
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing What do you know about these big-eyed little fellas?
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Flutterer
  • Collect a Scarlet Skimmer
  • Collect a Darner
Additional Information

Flutterers can only be caught on Mondays.

Fluttering Gracefully
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing Butterflies are so beautiful... I'm so mesmerized by their graceful dancing.
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Tiger Swallowtail
  • Collect a Morpho Butterfly
  • Collect a Chinese Peacock
  • Combat EXP x2 for 1 hour
  • Wishbone x5
Additional Information

Tiger Swallowtails can only be caught on Tuesdays.

Stinging Charm
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing Bees are like roses. If you try to touch one, it'll prick you!
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Hornet
  • Collect a Honeybee
  • Collect a Carpenter Bee
Additional Information

Hornets can only be caught on Wednesdays.

Adorable Predators
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing Ladybugs may be cute, but they're actually vicious little predators!
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Seven-Spotted Ladybug
  • Collect a Kuwana Lady Beetle
  • Collect a Turtleback Ladybug
Additional Information

Seven-Spotted Ladybugs can only be caught on Thursdays.

The Loudest Musicians
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing Cicadas are known for being loud. But if you stop and think about their life cycles, you'll learn to love their singing.
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Gold Cicada
  • Collect a Green Cicada
  • Collect a Blue Cicada
  • Life Skill Training EXP x1.3 for 1 hour
  • Wishbone x5
Additional Information

Gold Cicadas can only be caught on Fridays.

Fashionistas of the Forest
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing Beetles are so glossy and lean. So sleek! So stylish!
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Golden Beetle
  • Collect a Blue Beetle
  • Collect a Bronze Beetle
Additional Information

Golden Beetles can only be caught on Saturdays.

Big Horns, Strong Jaws
How to Get Quest

Register character for event.

Briefing It's horns versus jaws! Who do you think will win in a fight?
-Caravan Joe
  • Collect a Hercules Beetle
  • Collect a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Collect a Saw Chafer
  • More EXP from Shadow Missions for 1 hour
  • Wishbone x5
Additional Information

Hercules Beetles can only be caught on Sundays.

Great Bug Harvest

Insect Book.png A book to hold your bug collection! Collecting all the bugs in Erinn will get you an Insect Collector Gesture Card.

Common bugs may be sold to a NPC for 200 Exploration Experience. Rare bugs may be sold for 300 Exploration Experience.
Bugs cannot be mailed or traded.
Rare bugs are in bold and only available on their associated day.

Name Day Description
Insect Book - Flutterer.png
Monday Its large blue wings are what make it stand out from the crowd. They can be found easily near swamps or rivers.
Insect Book - Darner.png
Monday This mostly blue dragonfly boasts beautiful colors. Other than during winter when it hibernates, they can be found easily.
Insect Book - Scarlet Skimmer.png
Scarlet Skimmer
Monday With its red body and red wings, this common insect represents fall.
Insect Book - Tiger Swallowtail.png
Tiger Swallowtail
Tuesday This large-winged butterfly is famous for its wings, which also allow it to fly for long periods. It thrives in wide open spaces.
Insect Book - Morpho Butterfly.png
Morpho Butterfly
Tuesday The Morpho Butterfly doesn't actually have any coloring pigments, but it only reflects blue, so it boasts a pair of magnificent wings. Considered by many to be the most beautiful butterfly.
Insect Book - Chinese Peacock.png
Chinese Peacock
Tuesday The back wings have spots in the shape of half moons. You can find them drinking water in the afternoon.
Insect Book - Hornet.png
Wednesday An outlaw of an insect that attacks honeybees when low on food. Careful not to get stung!
Insect Book - Carpenter Bee.png
Carpenter Bee
Wednesday This honey-lover likes to hide in flowers.
Insect Book - Honeybee.png
Wednesday Honeybees are often attacked by other bees, so they have their own special defense system. They gather in groups and rub their wings, generating heat to defeat Hornets.
Insect Book - Seven-Spotted Ladybug.png
Seven-Spotted Ladybug
Thursday This ladybug is famous for its fancy colors. But in reality, that fancy red serves as a warning to predators.
Insect Book - Kuwana Lady Beetle.png
Kuwana Lady Beetle
Thursday This beetle has big red spots on its glossy black wings.
Insect Book - Turtleback Ladybug.png
Turtleback Ladybug
Thursday The patterns on this ladybug's back resemble a turtle's shell. It's big, so it's even more of a predator than other ladybugs.
Insect Book - Gold Cicada.png
Gold Cicada
Friday The Gold Cicada can be found in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, and brown. They tend to live in high-altitude places among tall trees, making them hard to find.
Insect Book - Green Cicada.png
Green Cicada
Friday It's said that this cicada has the best singing voice. They tend to be attracted to light sources, making them easy to spot.
Insect Book - Blue Cicada.png
Blue Cicada
Friday The Blue Cicada is named after its blue back.
Insect Book - Golden Beetle.png
Golden Beetle
Saturday The largest of the longhorns, this hard-to-find beetle lives in old trees.
Insect Book - Blue Beetle.png
Blue Beetle
Saturday Unlike other longhorn beetles, this one is usually seen in prairies. They're often found on the stems of chrysanthemums.
Insect Book - Bronze Beetle.png
Bronze Beetle
Saturday This bug is known for its red chest and green outer wings.
Insect Book - Hercules Beetle.png
Hercules Beetle
Sunday Named after Hercules because of its gargantuan size. They're so difficult to catch that some consider them the final boss of insect collecting.
Insect Book - Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle.png
Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle
Sunday These nocturnal beetles are found in dense forests and are attracted to light. The males have long horns on their heads.
Insect Book - Saw Chafer.png
Saw Chafer
Sunday They intimidate their enemies with their sharp mandibles. They're normally nocturnal, but you can easily find them during the day.

Gachapon Rewards

Permanent Tail Gachapon

Permanent Tail Gachapon.png A box containing one of the five types of permanent tails!

Deluxe Permanent Tail Gachapon

Celtic Gift Box (Red).png A box containing various items, including a chance to obtain one of the five permanent tails!

Wishbone Box

Celtic Gift Box (Blue).png A Gachapon containing many 2nd title coupons and helpful potions.