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Forum - Semantic Monsters

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As a person who looks up CP alot, we need a better way to search monsters. Like Erorserv and the others, each monster will be placed under a single page, and the current pages that have a list of monsters will be renamed to <base> (Family). My first form is reusing the data from Template:StyleMonster.

Any and all help is appreciated, as I am currently not sure how to incorporate monsters with different difficulty(Basic,Int,Adv,Hard,Lord). At the moment, 07/03/2019, I plan to keep normal monsters and those with difficulty different.

Posted by Dfoplayer on 3 July 2019 at 18:30.

The first phase of MCU (Mabinogi-wiki Combat Upgrade) is coming along nicely. Example: However, I am waiting on an extension to compute the actual number instead of just less than/greater than

My one issue that I have is that currently the family pages will sort by alphabetical. There is no easy and discrete way to separate the sections that we manually did. For example, the Bats pages used to have "Normal" and "Cave" sections. While you could query for 'Cave' in field 'Monster name", and split it that way, other monsters don't have that easy. The Skeleton page has a "Boss" section and there is no query to separate that, unless you add a property to the backend Semantics.

You can see the difference in Table of contents between old and new

Before I go any further, I thought it would be good to ask everyone to see their opinions on the family pages changing from sections to alphabetical. Thanks!

Posted by Dfoplayer on 4 July 2019 at 12:25.
Edited by Dfoplayer on 4 July 2019 at 12:25.

I posted this on the SemanticRender page without realize this thread was here lol. So I'll post it here as well,

Before you start semantifying all the monsters, I strongly recommend figuring out how to differentiate each monster type. I.e. possibly adding a property MonsterType with the options of Normal, Shadow, Sidhe, Bandit ect. and then render the monsters page depending on that. Additionally, there will be the challenge of dealing with all the different difficulties. I suggest creating a difficulty subobject that holds the monster stats for a particular difficulty. This will enable the option of creating as many difficulties for a single monster as necessary, being flexible enough to accommodate all monsters including post dungeon revamp mobs in a single template.

Posted by Erorserv on 5 July 2019 at 09:03.
Edited by Erorserv on 5 July 2019 at 09:22.

So I've taken a look at the current properties. This is a good start, but it won't provide us with enough information to properly organize the monsters. Previously, as you mentioned, monsters were manually organised into Boss, Normal, Cave, ect. and in order to make this an automatic process, we require extra properties. I recommend adding a MonsterType to handle the template used (Shadow, Theater, Sidhe), and the MonsterClass to handle the categorization of Normal, Dungeon, Boss, Field Boss, Crystal, Jungle, Grizzly, ect. Whats annoying about this is that we cannot have MonsterClass with predefined entries, as the list will be far too long. This will have to be up to the discretion of the user editing the page, which would be the only restriction of this method.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents. I'd love to help out with the backend, so if you ever need me my discord is Eroserv#8476.

Posted by Erorserv on 5 July 2019 at 09:22.