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Advent Calendar Event

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December 11th, 2014 - January 14th, 2015
This event is part of the Winternogi Events.


Caravan Joe likes to do things his way, so he's made his very own Advent Calendar to celebrate the holidays. Speak to him in front of the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton to set your main character and receive your Advent Calendar Scroll.

The event lasts a total of 35 days, so if you're away for a few days, don't fret! You'll still have time to earn the Santa Outfit box, which contains the Old Saint Nick Outfit. Show off your holiday spirit with this cozy outfit, featuring a beautiful snowflake idle animation!

Event Criteria:

  • Players must log in and stay logged in for one full Erinn day (roughly 36 minutes) to fulfill daily requirements.
  • Players can talk to Caravan Joe in front of the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton.
  • Only one character per account can participate in this event.
  • Final reward contains the complete Old Saint Nick Outfit
  • The Old Saint Nick outfit has an idle animation

Note:If you lose your Calendar, you can obtain a new one from Caravan Joe. He will only replace your Calendar once a day, and your progress will reset so be mindful!

Known Issues:

  • When you receive the Advent Calendar Scroll, you're given the first day stamp and prize immediately. However, you must still stay logged in for a full 36 minutes in order to fulfill the requirements. If you do not do this, your second day stamp will not register until the first day's requirements are met. This only affects the first day on your Advent Calendar.
  • The 24th prize, Enchant Training Potion, is blue when obtained, not red. This is a visual error on the board.[1]



Mabinogi Advent Calendar
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event period without having selected a main character for the event.

Briefing I know just what will make your day! Are you ready for this? How about a dead simple event? I've got TONS of gifts ready for fine folks just like you. Come and see me.
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Speak to the Caravan Joe located near the Unicorn statue.