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Altam's Journal

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Altam's Journal
1 × 2
A journal where Altam kept record of every mission carried out by the Alban Knights.

Obtain From Completing Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary
Tradability Untradable
Effects None
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Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Altam's Journal -
By Altam

1st Entry

I’m so glad I got the chance to meet (Character Name) again!

I’m going to write down everything we do together!

I wish we had gotten there sooner, though…

(Character Name) was already surrounded by the Prophets when Avelin and I showed up.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you, (Character Name)!

It all happened after Talvish sent (Character Name) to investigate neat Taillteann Graveyard.

2nd Entry

(Character Name), Avelin, and I are going to carry out a mission together!

We need to find out what the Prophets are doing with all those dead bodies…

We even fought reanimated corpses and Tir Chonaill Graveyard!

Avelin thinks the Prophets brought the dead back to life.

Even if that’s true, I just don’t get it…

3rd Entry

(Character Name) and I were resting in Tir Chonaill when (Character Name) found a weird necklace in the stream.

(Character Name)’s clothes got soaked, but it was totally worth it!

(Character Name) stared at the necklace for a long time before suddenly asking me about the Elder.

But I knew nothing about the Elder myself…

I’m so useless!

4th Entry

The Prophets appeared in Iria! But how…?

We hurried to Qilla Base Camp and fought more reanimated corpses!

We beat them without a problem, but then another monster appeared!

Avelin thinks it was an Apostle. None of our attacks worked on it! Even our Crusader Skills were useless!

And there was this invisible wall! It was nuts!

Avelin tried to help us escape, but we couldn’t leave her behind!

But Talvish came to the rescue at the perfect time!

He’s seriously the BEST!

5th Entry

Talvish seems kind of frustrated from all the bad things that have been happening.

He’s really worried about the Arthuan Unit…

So he offered to join us for a little while.

Talvish told us that the Prophets were spotted in Belvast…

But there were no traces of them near Scathach Beach…

6th Entry

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that (Character Name) is allowed to visit Avalon Gate!

The bad news is that the Prophets somehow made it there, too…

I thought you needed Divine Light to be able to come to Avalon Gate!

What the heck were they doing there?

Man, I keep writing about dark, scary stuff in this journal. It was supposed to be fun…

What a shame…

7th Entry

Talvish came back! For some reason, I think people are suspicious of him.

Anyway, I thought only Talvish was going to join us, but now Caswyn and Pihne are coming, too!

Avelin, general of the Arthuan Unit…

Talvish, general of the Elved Unit…

Pihne, general of the Eiler Unit…

Caswyn, general of the Heruin Unit…

It’s such an honor to be around all four generals at the same time!

As for that monster from before, we’re pretty sure it was an Apostle.

But with (Character Name) and the four generals together, we can handle anything that comes at us!

8th Entry

For some reason, Avelin doesn’t want me coming along on this mission.

I know it’s dangerous, but I can handle it!

I just want to go on a mission with (Character Name)! Come on, Avelin! Have a heart for once!


Thank goodness!

Because of (Character Name), Talvish and Avelin decided to give me a chance.

You’re the best, (Character Name)!

9th Entry

We went to Emain Macha to meet up with Caswyn and Pihne.

It’s been a while since we saw Pihne!

Avelin tried her best to keep a straight face, but I knew she was really happy to see Pihne.

And then I almost got attacked by the Apostles, but Pihne saved me just in time!

I really missed Pihne!

Life is just full of blessings!

10th Entry

Caswyn was running late…

So we decided to look for him ourselves.

Caswyn and Pihne used to be in the same unit, and Pihne had an idea of where he went.

We went to the top of the hill in Taillteann, but we couldn’t find Caswyn there.

We all split up to look for him.

Where did he go?

11th Entry

(Character Name) found Caswyn…

But it looked like the two had been fighting!

(Character Name) didn’t look hurt… But why were they fighting?

It doesn’t seem like (Character Name) to pick a fight. I wonder if Caswyn was being a jerk…

To be fair, I’m happy that Caswyn let me come along with them.

12th Entry

Because of Pihne and Caswyn’s support, I got to go along on the mission!

I hope (Character Name) knows how happy I am! I just hope I don’t slow them down…

OH YEAH! The Celestial Six!

Isn’t that SUCH a cool name? I came up with it on my own!

That’s what I’ve decided to call (Character Name), Avelin, Talvish, Caswyn, Pihne, and myself. We’re the Celestial Six!

13th Entry

An invincible Apostle appared near Cor Village!

Talvish and I were busy with the Prophets…

But Caswyn found a way to defeat the Apostles!

Turns out we can only hurt them with our Divine Light.

I wish I had as much Divine Light as the generals…

When this mission is over, I’ll train even harder!

14th Entry

(Character Name) can use the necklace to see the Elder’s memories.

But none of the Alban Knights can use it.

(Character Name) must be even more special than I thought! I just wonder why we aren’t able to see anything…

I heard the Elder’s body rests beyond Avalon Gate, I wonder if that’s true!

If anyone can uncover the truth about the Alban Knight’s past, it’s (Character Name)!

15th Entry

We don’t know why, but we’re certain that the Prophets are trying to enter Avalon Gate.

We have to get our hands on the Sacred Mark, which is like the key to Avalon Gate.

It was divided into four pieces, and each piece was sealed away in an altar.

I didn’t think those altars were real…

But they really exist!

Arthuan’s Altar was in Lunae Valley, just like in the Elder’s memory.

Avelin used a lot of her Divine Light to unseal the altar. I hope she’s okay…

16th Entry


The Prophets got to Arthuan’s Altar before us!

And they took the Arthuan Shard…

How did they do it?!

How were they able to come to Avalon Gate AND Arthuan’s Altar? What if…

No, no, no! I shouldn’t even think that…

Anyway, the generals think the Prophets want to enter Avalon Gate in order to…

…Revive the Elder’s body.

I don’t even want to think about what’ll happen if they succeed…

17th Entry

Talvish, Pihne, and I are going after the Prophets.

(Character Name), Avelin, and Caswyn are going to rest for a bit.

I really want to hang out with (Character Name) right now.

But I know I have to be responsible right now.

I’ll be back soon, (Character Name)!

18th Entry

We tore Iria apart looking for the Prophets, but we weren’t able to find a trace.

It’s been tough gathering any clues since we aren’t in Uladh.

We only have (Character Name) and the necklace to rely on.

I want to do something to thank (Character Name) for all the hard work.


I’ll figure out how to do that later…

19th Entry

I wonder what (Character Name) and Pihne talked about. I asked Pihne, but she wouldn’t tell me anything.

Did something happen to Pihne? (Character Name) looks a bit worried…

I hope they both cheer up soon!

20th Entry

(Character Name) looked into the Elder’s memories again.

We got some info on the Heruin Shard this time!

We need all four shards to open Avalon Gate.

We already lost the Arthuan Shard to the Prophets. We can’t lose the Heruin Shard, too!

Let’s go to Port Ceann!

21st Entry

Thanks to Caswyn, we secured the Heruin Shard!

Caswyn is really hard to read, it feels like he doesn’t care about anything.

But when I think about what happened in Cor Village, I know that he’s a good man deep down.

Avelin hates it whenever Caswyn goes off on his own.

I never want to get on Avelin’s bad side…

22nd Entry

I was keeping my mouth shut for a while, but today I said it: I believe that there’s a spy among us.

What other explanation is there? We’re always one step behind the Prophets!

I think (Character Name) might agree, but I could be totally wrong.

And now, the generals are divided on the issue. I think I just made things more chaotic…

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

23rd Entry




I get to eat one of (Character Name)’s meals!

When we go to Port Ceann to rest, (Character Name) plans to cook for us!

I’m SO excited!

I’m going to gather more ingredients than anyone else!

24th Entry

I’m dying to know what Caswyn, Pihne, and (Character Name) are talking about!

I REALLY want to eavesdrop, but I know I shouldn’t.

But why do they have such serious faces> I hate secrets. Secrets are stupid.

I want to share secrets with (Character Name)! Maybe we’ll get some quality time soon.

25th Entry

The Heruin Shard was stolen from us!

Who would’ve thought the Black Wizard would follow us all the way here…

I’m so mad at myself! If only I were more alert…

26th Entry

I hope (Character Name) isn’t overdoing it…

It takes a lot of energy to see the Elder’s memories with that necklace…

But we had to rely on the necklace in order to find the next altar.

Fortunately, we made it to Eiler’s Altar, but the Eiler Shard was missing!

On top of that, Pihne is completely exhausted!

I wish I could do something to help everyone…

27th Entry

Pihne and Caswyn vanished!

And there’s a rumor going around that the Prophets are near Belvast.

We had to ask (Character Name) to look for Caswyn and Pihne.

I feel really bad having (Character Name) do the search with such little information.

He might have a lead on Caswyn, so here’s hoping!

28th Entry

I’m waiting in front of Avalon Gate with Avelin.

Talvish called Caswyn over for a chat a little while ago. Caswyn came back, but Talvish still hasn’t returned.

Caswyn hasn’t said a word about Talvish. He looks pretty serious.

What’s going on with all the generals?

Oh, Aton Cimeni…

Let your light guide us through this dark time.

29th Entry

(Character Name) must feel really discouraged.

The necklace shattered!

I don’t know what to say to help (Character Name) feel better.

Cheer up, (Character Name)!

30th Entry

Caswyn and Pihne finally came back, but now (Character Name)’s missing…

Caswyn and Pihne were with (Character Name) moments before disappearing.

Something doesn’t feel right. I hope (Character Name) is okay…

It feels like Avelin red my mind. She told me to stay put and keep watch over Avalon Gate.

She thinks the Prophets already have all four shards…

That’s why I have to guard Avalon Gate. I can’t let them open it no matter what!

31st Entry

(Character Name) was nearly captured by Brilluen and Pennar but made it back safely!

Talvish and Caswyn went to rescue (Character Name).

Thank goodness!

Oh, yeah! And we know for sure that there is no traitor in the Alban Knights.

The Prophets had me thinking some crazy things. They’re really messing with all of us…

I’ll show them just who messes with who!

32nd Entry

Pihne says the Apostle from before used to be dead…

The Prophets exploit the dead’s desire to live again to create Apostles. That’s where Zebach came from.

They want to turn the Elder into an Apostle…

If that happens…

There’ll be no stopping the Prophets!

33rd Entry

Pihne turned into an Apostle!

It was shocking, but I’m just happy that she’s back to her old self.

Caswyn and (Character Name) figured out why Pihne’s Divine Light was corrupted.

(Character Name) is the greatest Milletian who ever lived!

(Character Name)…

Everything we’ve gone through has made me respect you a million times more!

I’ll write your name down a thousand times to show how much I care about you!

(Character Name)! (Character Name)! (Character Name)!

(Character Name)! (Character Name)! (Character Name)!

(Character Name)! (Character Name)! (Character Name)!

(Character Name)! (Character Name)! (Character Name)!

I could do this all day!

34th Entry

The Prophets are in Avalon Gate again!

No time to write!

35th Entry

When I regained consciousness, Avalon Gate was open. It looks like the Prophets have done it…

But Talvish did something to seal the Prophets inside Avalon Gate. Now they can’t leave!

I’m hoping this will be the end of it…

36th Entry

Now that we’ve completed our mission, the Celestial Six is going to disband…

Even worse, I think Avelin knows about this journal! What am I supposed to do now?

I wanted to keep this forever, but I can’t let Avelin find it!

I know! I’ll give it to (Character Name)! No one will take better care of it!