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Portrait of Altam
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Alban Knight

(Arthuan Unit)

Location Avalon Graveyard
(Avalon Graveyard

after G21 part 1)

Track Dreaming Moon and Star


A young man with tousled hair stares back at you with confident turquoise eyes. The lion's face on his blade is as fierce as his gaze, but you sense no threat here.

Altam is a member of the Arthuan Unit of the Alban Knights and a critical character throughout The Divine Knights. He is compassionate, overzealous, and occasionally hard on himself due to the mistakes he tends to make. In addition to this, he tends to idolize the Milletian, much to the annoyance of his captain, Avelin. He works alongside his fellow unit member Llywelyn.

Mainstream Story

Altam's Equipment


Altam has authored a book:


  • The name Altam could come from the Latin word alō, with some related conjugations and derived terms being altum, altor, altam, altō. These words relate to height, nourishment, and growth.
  • The Latin phrase virtus in periculis firmior (meaning courage, in danger, grows) was associated with Altam in G21 promotional videos.
  • Altam's name is Alltur in the Korean server.
  • Altam's NPC track title in Korea is The Moon Dreaming of Becoming a Star.